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El grano de mostaza ediciones

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Brand: El grano de mostaza ediciones EAN: 9788412734041
In the World, But Not of It
Spiritual teacher Dr. David R. Hawkins offers practical advice for readers to reach advanced states of consciousness in their everyday lives, so that they can enjoy being in the world, but not of it. It seems the further the world advances the harder it becomes to lead a life that is centered in lov..
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Brand: El grano de mostaza ediciones EAN: 9788412734027
The Mystical Messiah
While most people know the religious Jesus, there is much more to the man and his teachings. He is a mystic master who cloaked lofty spiritual principles in earthy parables that the people of his day could understand. Yet hidden in his simple stories were time capsules of vaster truths we are now re..
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