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Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127176
The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz
Dorothy is a young girl who lives on a Kansas farm with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and little dog Toto. One day the farmhouse, with Dorothy inside, is caught up in a tornado and deposited in a field in the country of the Munchkins. The falling house kills the Wicked Witch of the East. / En grises pr..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127985
Bear Ale is Cloudy
Bunny Gilda is very worried because Ale Bear does not respond to her letters. What if he has forgotten about her? Nothing better than going in search of him to verify it. She will realize that he is still her best friend, even if he does not act as she would expect. He is simply like that...
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127992
Bear Ale is Like That
Children also have worse days when they are "cloudy." This is what happens to Ale bear today: the poor man has woken up with a strange thing on his head. He does not know exactly what is happening to him and the worst thing is that the more turns he turns, the more his cloud grows. And it is that th..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127671
Ale the Bear Goes to the Moon
Ale Bear is sad because he misses his mother. To meet her, he climbs aboard a spaceship and sets course... to the Moon! A book that helps us face the subject of death with the little ones, a very complex subject that children face, with simple and direct questions. / El oso Ale está triste porque e..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127619
The King of the Castle
The wind blew a bouncy castle into the forest. All the animals want to play with it and form a long line. But when the Tarasquita hare sneaks in front of the porcupine Horacio, a fight breaks out. Is it possible that they can agree? A story that tells us about friendship, how to share, and help each..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127091
Studying is Child's Play!
The author teaches us to memorize and learn historical data, math formulas, and grammar rules in an easy, fast, and fun way. Studying becomes a pleasant activity and learning will be effective and lasting. / El autor nos enseña a memorizar y aprender de modo fácil, rápido y divertido datos históric..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127145
The Catholic Bible Narrated to Children
Specially adapted for the little ones, to be read with mom and dad, to get closer to the sacred texts in a simple way. The reading is accompanied by splendid illustrations that represent scenes and characters with extreme clarity, corresponding to the original text, revealing the meaning of the main..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127732
The Science of Meat
This book covers the composition, structure, color, flavor, texture and juiciness of meat by applying the theoretical foundations to various dry and moist cooking, and to those at low temperatures. Drawings and practical tables teach you how to recognize pieces, buy the right cuts, and cook them cor..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127077
The Science of Pastry
Successful author, professor of chemistry and professional researcher, in this book Dario Bressanini reveals the scientific foundations of pastry. The five chapters of the book detail the structure and properties of the essential ingredients for pastry: sugar, eggs, the milk family, flour and gases...
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127909
The Science of Vegetables
Is it true that sugar or baking soda reduces the acidity of tomato sauce? What is the secret of well-roasted potatoes? With a simple language, illustrated experiments, diagrams, tables and recipes explained, this book unmasks false myths and presents the fundamental techniques to achieve excellent d..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127060
Slow Fermentation
Piergiorgio Giorilli delves into the slow fermentation, common to many sweets of the Italian tradition. Alongside classic recipes, the book presents more than 50 elaborations characterized by long fermentation times, all with photographs, and many of them with images that illustrate the phases step ..
Brand: Gribaudo EAN: 9788417127183
The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear
In Solby, a small, quiet port, life is sweet for Mika and Sebastian. Until the day they find a bottle at sea. Inside is a seed and a mysterious message. They doubt if he was sent by JB, a friend who disappeared a year ago. They embark on an adventure with sea monsters, abominable pirates, and giant ..
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