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Crecer entre pantallas

Crecer entre pantallas
Crecer entre pantallas
Grow Between Screens
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  • EAN: 9786077486305
  • Author: Cristina Fortuny
Grow Between Screens is a book that shows the main uses and challenges that our children and adolescents encounter when growing up and living immersed in a world full of technology and that accompanies the way in which parents can approach them, interact and form a bond that allows them to educate them in the development of the necessary skills to positively surf these environments. The author seeks to provide answers to these restless parents who are concerned about their children, to show that other side, that of how they may be seeing and living these experiences with technology, giving them a voice in a debate in which are rarely included. In these pages, parents will find an alternative vision in handling technology where they are invited to put aside the guilt and shame of seeing their children glued to a screen, to become curious and understand that they use it to create bridges. Understanding this, they will be able to approach and guide them in their use, prepare them for risks and accompany them in their achievements and mistakes.

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