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She Who Wins

She Who Wins
She Who Wins
She Who Wins
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  • EAN: 9781953027085
  • Author: Renée Bauer
"Renee has you on a roller coaster of emotions from happiness to heartache and everything in between. She will call you out on your sh*t (in the most thoughtful way!) because she believes we can achieve excellence. It's time we break the rules, trust ourselves, and follow Renee's lead. Bold. Strong. Fierce."

Jennifer Hurvitz, Dating Expert, Best Selling Author, and Host of Doing Relationships Right Podcast 

“Renee’s “playbook” redefines the rules of the game to ensure you win each and every time. Her fiery framework combined with honest humor incorporates relatable stories, real-life examples, and relevant models to provide you with tangible tools that you can implement immediately. You will be inspired, informed and ignited. You will become the biggest fan… of your life.”

Flory Netsch Hiatrides 
Founder, A Wakened Events (AWE)

If these past years have taught us anything, it’s that so many women are stuck—stuck in jobs they despise, marriages that are joyless, roles they didn't ask for, and even in their own heads. The pandemic shook our world and now as we emerge from the cover of COVID, going back to “normal” seems insufferable.

If there was ever an opportunity to shake things up, it's now. Through the pages of SHE WHO WINS, Renee Bauer breaks down some uncomfortable truths about the things holding us back from truly winning in life. Because if we can survive a pandemic, homeschooling, loss of income, and even a toilet paper shortage don’t we deserve to win?

Using her over two decades as an award-winning divorce attorney and entrepreneur, Renee Bauer uses a tough love approach coupled with her own vulnerable stories of divorce, failure, and ultimately, reinvention, to embolden, empower, and inspire women to choose the path most uncomfortable. This self-empowerment and motivational book is equal parts mindset and strategy, that can catapult women’s lives from flatlined to fabulous by leaning into doing the hard thing.

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