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Las luciérnagas

Las luciérnagas
Las luciérnagas
The Fireflies
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  • EAN: 9786074537215
  • Author: Adalberto Ortiz Avalos
It's rare to find a novel that shakes you in such a way that allows you to live the days of a character as if they were your own. If you delve into the pages of this work you will wrap yourself in the melancholy of childhood, the first loves, the close friendships and the innocence broken by the silences that strike suddenly like wars. The secrets of Manuel, the protagonist, take us through the timeline of the characters and what our reality was. A wonderful journey full of images and sincere lyrics, which fearlessly take us into his mind, allowing us to navigate his life beyond words, the mysteries that surround everything we don’t say, that break the silence.

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