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Los genios

Los genios
Los genios
The Geniuses
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  • EAN: 9788419392244
  • Author: Jaime Bayly
Two literary geniuses coexist in the Barcelona of the sixties. Just a few meters separate their apartments, they see each other almost daily. They write about each other, share friendships, party nights, conversations about books and writing, and above all the brilliant start to their literary careers which, under the leadership of who would become one of the most powerful literary agents in the world, will lead them both to have millions of readers in all corners of the planet and to be awarded the Cervantes Prize and the Nobel Prize among many other recognitions. Until one day, in Mexico City, when everything predicted the reunion of two close friends, one of the geniuses knocks the other down with a well-aimed punch. From then on, the two geniuses would never speak to each other again. This is the novel of what happened and its reasons.

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