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El sermón de la montaña

El sermón de la montaña
El sermón de la montaña
The Sermon on the Mount
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  • EAN: 9788491118923
  • Author: Emmet Fox
What did Jesus really teach? Distilled essence of long years of biblical and metaphysical studies, acclaimed in the United States by more than a million readers, Emmet Fox's answer in The Sermon on the Mount is as simple as it is forceful: the Bible is a text of metaphysics and Jesus' teachings express, in a non-dogmatic way, a practical change for the development of the soul. Jesus did not teach theology: his teaching is entirely spiritual or metaphysical. His teaching is the Truth, capable of changing our lives and our destiny. In this essential book, Fox teaches us how to: • Understand the true nature of divine knowledge • Develop the power of prayer • Transform negative attitudes into self-affirming beliefs • Develop an integrated and harmonious personality • Claim our divine right to an abundant life EMMET FOX, scientist, philosopher and spiritual teacher, has been without a doubt the author who has most influenced the metaphysical movement of this century. Connie Méndez's teacher, Rubén Cedeño has said that "Reading Fox, one reads Connie, understands Krishnamurti, solidifies what he learned from Saint-Germain, all the aegis of teachings given by the Divine Spiritual Hierarchy."
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Collection Spirituality
Format Paperback
Pages 208
Series Sheccid

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