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Tu nombre ancestral es abundancia

Tu nombre ancestral es abundancia
Tu nombre ancestral es abundancia
Your Ancestral Name is Abundance
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  • EAN: 9788412691375
  • Author: Enric Corbera
In this unique book, Enric Corbera introduces us not so much to the abundance of having as to the abundance of being, distilling the wisdom of A Course in Miracles drop by drop and what really matters to feel fulfilled. The secret of abundance is in the consciousness of unity, where we do not seek to separate ourselves from what we see and feel, but to join it. It is in overlooking the labels that define us and mark borders. It is by understanding that it is by giving that we feel that we have, and have a lot to give: smiles, attention, consideration, respect and a long etcetera. Enric also invites us to look inward, to investigate the stories that we tell ourselves, and that many times anchor us in immobility, to learn to distinguish the lie from the truth. And he teaches us the inversion of thought. This work is a gift of clarity to get back in tune with the abundance that we are.
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Format Paperback
Pages 328

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