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El amor de tu alma

El amor de tu alma
El amor de tu alma
Your Soul´s Love
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  • EAN: 9788418531644
  • Author: Robert Schwartz
In his groundbreaking first book, Your Soul’s Plan, Robert Schwartz brought the concept of pre-birth planning into the mainstream. In his second book, Your Soul’s Gift, he dove even deeper by examining the pre-birth planning of other common life challenges. Now, in his third book, Your Soul’s Love, he explores the pre-birth planning of challenges related to romantic relationships or their absence: infidelity; impotence; raising children alone after the death of one’s partner; being single; and celibate relationships. Working again with several gifted mediums and channels, Schwartz brings forth great wisdom and love from "the other side" to explain why we plan such experiences before we are born. Through the stories in Your Soul’s Love you can: Cultivate greater love and respect for both your partner and yourself; empathize more deeply with your partner; forgive your partner and yourself for any pain caused, thus healing your relationship; see how your romantic relationship fosters your and your partner’s evolution; replace resistance and suffering with abiding joy and peace.
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Bisac Code OCC022000
Collection Reencarnación/Vidas pasadas
Format Paperback
Imprint Sirio
Pages 248

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