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Spanish Publishers, LLC is a partnership formed in the United States by Ediciones Urano, Ediciones Obelisco, and Editorial Sirio; the company is also the exclusive distributor of Almuzara, Anagrama, Atico, Diamante, Duomo, Edaf, Gedisa, Gribaudo, Herder, El Grano de Mostaza (E.G.D.M.), Koan, Lid, Ned, OB Stare, San Pablo, and Sélector.

With over 6000 available titles and 100 monthly new releases, Spanish Publishers provides a very wide selection of Spanish titles in every category available in the US shortly after publication date, including translations of American bestsellers as well as the works of renowned Spanish authors.

Spanish Publishers is one of the top providers of Spanish titles in the U.S. Beyond sales, Spanish Publishers conducts author travel programs connecting authors with readers.