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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786074111224
Diary Without Dates of Charles B. Waite
Of his passage through Mexico, the photographer Charles B. Waite left thousands of images that he himself captured, or that stole from his colleague W. Scott. However, the American artist did not write a single word about this. To fill that emptiness, Francisco Hernández has written Waite's imagined..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786078486311
The Particle Accelerator
The title of this book offers an image and a reading key: each poem is an instant overloaded with meaning, vitality and sense; it alludes to that poetry that we experience and that, although it exists only for a moment, reorders the perception we have of life. / El poema que da título al libro, “El..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786078486250
Love and Other Lies
Angel Boligán is an exceptional artist who combines the perfection and audacity of drawing, journalism, intelligent humor, and criticism. In this book, he presents his vision of love in the most different scenarios and in different flavors of the love life: sweet, bitter, sour. It portrays lonelines..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786074111484
The Art of Lying
The author asks why writers no longer speak in their books about poverty; he notices the difficulties of the relations between parents and children; advises young writers to be patient and courageous; meditates on the annoying nature of sermons; praises the physical and mental pleasures of music. / ..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786074111507
Fire Has Vitamins
Julián is a boy who lives in a town in Mexico and decides to leave and look for a distant tree to engrave the initials of the girl he likes. But what he finds is a new friend: a dragon that came from far searching for a magical plant that feeds the fire of its kind. Friendship is the best way to kno..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786074111071
The Son of Mister Beach
Mónica Maristain is inserted in this revealing exercise, from a personal perspective, discovering Bolaño as a person. Using a rigorous documentation and a familiar and intimate tone, this book traces the map of Bolaño's life through the people who knew him, through his own voice and the anecdotes th..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786074111576
The Man Born in Danzig
Riquelme, the detective, is an efficient guy who is not convinced to reveal the results of his investigations. His client, protagonist of this novel, is a man suffering and confused because his wife has abandoned him. Elena, Mónica, Sonia, are the shadows that torment with their appearances to the a..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786074110937
The Book of Explanations
In this dialogue between the most intimate conscience and the mysteries of everyday life, López traces the trail of identity. The name, the memory, the habits that grew unintentionally and are no longer possible to refuse. This book brings together thirteen essays that are a journey into the interio..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786078486243
The Book of Negroes
Based on a true story, it’s the story of Aminata, a young girl abducted from her village in Mali aged 11 in 1755, and who, after a terrible journey, is sold to a plantation owner in South Carolina, who rapes her. She is brought to New York, where she escapes and finds herself helping the British in ..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786078667208
The Trail
The Trail is a text of the protagonist's feelings toward the burial of a man, and his body, who he lived with a long time ago. But, by reviving it in writing, the decay of the body is canceled. This is the most beautiful thing about writing, the possibility of resuscitating what disappears. / El ra..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786078486793
The Horizontal Vertigo
With an attentive look and firm pulse, Villoro unfolds into a journalist, passerby, pen buyer, nostalgic adult, responsible father, emergency brigade, and offers us a testimony of the many experiences that the city holds for each and every one of its members. Whether from the experience itself or th..
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Brand: Almadía EAN: 9786078486984
In Search of Ayahuasca and Other Deviations
This volume is composed of 18 essays of diverse themes. They are dedicated to the work of very important authors of the English language: Henry David Thoureau, Hunter S. Thompson, Graham Green, and Georges Simenon, among others. Ese volumen está integrado por 18 ensayos de diversa t..
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