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15 miradas al desarrollo personal

15 miradas al desarrollo personal
15 miradas al desarrollo personal
15 Different Glances to Personal Development
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  • Author: Various Authors
15 Perspectives on Personal Development is an essay based on true stories meant to help the reader have a more positive vision when facing daily adversities. Besides being a timeless guide and a source of inspiration, this book offers us the possibility to stop, reflect and connect with our vital concern, develop a powerful mindset and transform our lives, entering the path that leads to health, well-being and happiness. With a common desire and purpose -overcoming- each look interprets various aspects of personal development with simple strategies and tools designed to face adversity. The addressed areas are: health, conscious eating, physical exercise, teamwork, philosophy, art and self-knowledge. These 15 views rest on essential concepts such as success, failure, sacrifice, pain, self-care or self-reconstruction, which implies proper management of our emotions and thoughts. SOLAPA: 15 views of personal development is the fourth installment of the successful collection that Arcopress publishing House started in 2021. Once again, fifteen co-authors come together to share their points of view on a current affair. Its predecessors deciphered loneliness, discovered the lights and shadows of love and delved into the concept of freedom. Now it is time to highlight the importance of questioning our mentality and improving the attitude with which we face life.

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