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15 miradas a la felicidad

15 miradas a la felicidad
15 miradas a la felicidad
15 Looks to Happiness
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  • Author: Various Authors
15 Looks at Happiness is a collective work in which the authors write about happiness in a transversal way, immersing themselves in daily life from where happiness winks at them. A book made up of short and easy-to-read essays that will not leave the reader indifferent. The reader can enjoy –if they prefer– a non-linear reading, choose from the menu the essay or essays that most appeal to them, and even make combinations between them and come back for more every day. Adopting happiness as a way of life and being happy are decisions that suppose having the ability to choose between several alternatives from the body, the mind, the soul, the heart and the context. This inspiring work proposes diverse and simple reflections to rethink the notion of happiness based on concepts such as: construction, strengthening, falling in love, emotion, adversity, pleasure, perplexity, individuality, cinematography, philosophy, accumulation of events, maturity and process. The text includes, among other questions, the following: is it possible to build happiness?, can the state of happiness be increased?, where does the happiness of the human being reside?, is happiness and pleasure the same? The authors' message arises from fifteen unique and genuine perspectives, explained in simple and interesting analyzes that involve ways of life, perception and philosophy of happiness, among other concepts. The writers formulate exciting solutions to experiment, understand, build on, and evolve with, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a gripping experience that will absorb them till the end.

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