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How to Be Famous
Johanna Morrigan (aka Dolly Wilde) has it all: she's nineteen, lives in her own flat in London, and writes for the coolest music magazine in Britain. Her star is rising, just not quickly enough for her liking. For anyone who has admired fame or judged it, How to Be Famous is a hilarious tale of fame..
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How To Be a Husband
What is the best strategy to get away from a marital fight? Is men’s grooming just for gays or is it just for metrosexuals? What should you say to your mother-in-law when your wife has disappeared for several days? Does the alpha-male really exist? How to Be a Husband answers these and more questi..
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Better Than Life
/ Esta obra insólita, un auténtico estímulo para la lectura, ha sido uno de los grandes fenómenos de la edición francesa reciente. Pennac, profesor de literatura en un instituto, se propone una tarea tan simple como necesaria en nuestros días: que el adolescente pierda el miedo a la lectura, que le..
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Better Than Life
In Better than Life, Daniel Pennac shares the secrets that all book lovers treasure. Delving into his experiences as a parent, a writer and a teacher, he asks, how does the love of reading begin? How is it lost? This remarkable book explores simple ways to create a life-long devotion to reading. / ..
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Travelling partners
Within this book of short stories the author focuses her attention on a series of female characters who for one reason or another accompany someone on a journey. These people mean very little to them to begin with, however as the journeys progress they reveal more about who they are and the nature o..
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Compendium Amelie Nothomb
This book combines six autobiographical novels by the Belgian writer, covering episodes from her childhood, adolescence, living in the East, and several trips to Japan where she faces their delirious business world, reunites with the nanny who cared for her as a child, and journeys to Mount Fuji. / ..
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Compendium Carrère (The adversary, A Russian novel
With the books included here, Emmanuel Carrère took a giant step in a career that had already stood out for its uniqueness, daring and radicalism. The author explored the non-fiction novel, and the result was three masterpieces of unmatched power. / Con los libros que aquí se incluyen Emmanuel Carr..
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Compendium Michel Houellebecq
The first three novels by Michel Houellebecq, which launched him into literary stardom and placed him at the center of the polemic. The three are characterized by resentful and lethargic shipwrecked beings of our consumer society. / Las tres primeras novelas de Michel Houellebecq, que lo lanzaron a..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433959652
Compendium Ryszard Kapuscinski
This book brings together four of the author's fundamental works and their themes: Angola’s struggle for independence, his experiences on the African continent over four decades, and the intense relationship he had with it and its history and ideas. / Este libro reúne cuatro de las obras fundamenta..
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Keeping an Eye Open
In this illuminating collection of essays on art, Barnes turns his narrative gifts toward some of the most important paintings in the Western canon, eloquently voicing our reactions to these images—what they cause us to think and feel, and why. These essays are a true pleasure to read. / El grueso ..
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With all of you: Dagsson
Not suitable for all audiences. Keep out of reach of children. Not to use after midnight. Recommended to all mothers and fathers who have ever fantasized about throwing their children out the window; those who love jokes about cannibalism, incest, sex, death, and any imaginable sin. / No apto para ..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433979599
Setting the Last Border
Poems with a journey through desire, pain, illness, love, death, absence, indignation, eroticism, disgust... His poetry is a spectacular image of his narrative work, and in it he also gives the idea of the radical, obscene, misogynist, caustic, visceral and provocative writer. / Poemas con un recor..
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