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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788417030971
The Art of Lettering
Handwritten letters are fashionable. They flood everything: clothes, bags, bottles, and any article of decoration that you can think of. Lettering is more alive than ever and now within your reach thanks to this book. It’s not just text but illustrated letters. It has that authentic air of things ma..
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788479539290
Lost Ocean
With Lost Ocean, Johanna Basford invites colorers of all ages to discover an enchanting underwater world hidden in the depths of the sea. Through intricate pen and ink illustrations to complete, color, and embellish, readers will meet shoals of exotic fish, curious octopi, and delicately penned seah..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416579549
The Pleasure of Coloring
A coloring book is a good investment to reduce anxiety and stress. Some consider that coloring is the best way to practice mindfulness, as full attention is placed on the activity and therefore the present moment can be lived in completely. / Un libro para colorear es una buena inversión para reduc..
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788416622368
That was not in my History of Art Book
Why do artists constantly paint themselves? What social networks would the Baroque painters have used if they had lived in our days? Why was the representation of female pubic hair rejected for millennia? The history of Art conceals many aspects, omitted facts, and silenced details. Discover them he..
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417558062
That was not in my Circus History Book
A book that collects the most unknown anecdotes and curiosities of the wonderful circus art. Readers will know the origins of the circus and the first jugglers and they will know the hidden side of famous illusionists, clowns, and mentalists. / ¡Señores y señoras! ¡Damas y caballeros! ¡El mayor esp..
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417418076
Great Leading Figures of Flamenco
Andalucia walks to the beat of music; its cry is Flamenco, a style distinguished by folk singing, by its dance, in the crunch of a guitar. More than rhythm, it is a feeling. This book commemorates the greatest figures of Flamenco, a dance that is part of our history and our culture. / Andalucía cam..
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417418458
History of Chinese Cinema
This book is a tribute to the history of Chinese cinema. Between its pages, we will know the anecdotes of the most emblematic filmmakers, how the years of Cultural Revolution in China happened, and why the Chinese film industry is one of the most important today. / Siendo la industria del cine chin..
Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789684038424
Fingerprints and Hairlines
Traces and dashes is a book that tells you how to draw with the tips of your fingers. With your fingerprints, small lines and a water seal, you can draw kittens, little boats, little flowers, dinosaurs and all the things that happen to you or your teachers and dads. With Traces and dashes let your i..
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788497775007
Drawing with great teather
The author of this method of initiation, Senarmont Henri is a painter in Paris and teaches the techniques of drawing and painting. This book, the fourth of his collection is the fruit of years of experience with beginners of all ages, backgrounds and professions. This is a new method based on an old..
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788497774123
Learn The Watercolor Painting Techniques With The
The author of this method of initiation to the watercolor painting, Henri Senarmont, is an artist and professor of drawing and painting techniques. This book, the third of a six-books collection, is the result of his many years of experience with children, young people and adults. It consists of a n..
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788497773362
Learn The Oil Painting Techniques With The Old Mas
Henri Senarmont is a painter in Paris and teaches drawing and painting techniques. This book, the first of a collection, is the fruit of years of experience with children, youth and adults. A unique and innovative method to awaken the artist within you! / El autor de este método de iniciación a la ..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416972586
Natural Inspiration
This is an activity book for people from 9 to 99 years old that will help you unleash your creativity and develop all your expressive potential. You will find writing, drawing, and coloring activities that, apart from being entertaining, will be a challenge that will help you to concentrate and rela..
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