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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417972073
The guy you shouldn't fall in love with... Tahoe Roth is a seducer. A bad boy. He never spends two nights with the same woman and yet I can't help but feel something for him. But Tahoe doesn't want anything with me. We are only friends. However, the more time we spend together, the more he confuses ..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788416788415
The Power of Chowa
The Japanese philosophy that will change your life. The Japanese know that it is important to seek chōwa, harmony or balance, in the little things in life. In a hectic world where stress and worries take us away from our inner peace, this is one of the secrets to a happy, complete and long life. In ..
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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417743680
How to Read Water
A fascinating journey through the language of nature and the secrets of water From Sussex to Oman, through the frozen mysteries of Antarctica and exotic Polynesia, the adventurer and explorer Tristan Gooley reveals the secrets of lakes, rivers and oceans that discovered during his pioneering expedit..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788416788378
Emotion Efficacy Therapy
The definitive guide to manage stress, relax and regain control of your life. Stress is part of our life and, in the right amounts, it has beneficial effects. For this reason, it is important to learn to manage it to prevent it from leading to feelings of anguish and anxiety. This is not an easy tas..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417743536
North Korea Journal
THE BOOK BEHIND THE HIT CHANNEL 5 DOCUMENTARY… A glimpse of life inside the world’s most secretive country, as told by Britain’s best-loved travel writer. In May 2018, former Monty Python stalwart and intrepid globetrotter Michael Palin spent two weeks in the notoriously secretive Democratic People’..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788416788460
The Art of Concentration
Wake up your mind and control your thoughts with the art of concentration. The frenzy and stress of modern life prevent us from noticing what is happening around us. Projects, memories, words, and images happen rapidly in our brains. The mind works at full speed and, many times, it is impossible for..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417333805
Dinosaur That Pooped A Princess
Once upon a poop… Our fearless heroes are back! Danny and Dinosaur are convinced that a damsel in distress needs their help. the only problem is, they aren't sure where she actually is. So they set off through Fairy Tale Land to track her down, but things don't go exactly to plan. Can Dinosaur make ..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417333768
The Dinosaur That Pooped the Bed!
Danny and Dinosaur want to watch television, but Mom won’t let them until they’ve cleaned their room. So Danny thinks of a plan to make all the mess go away in one humungous gulp: he gets Dino to eat it all up! But just when they think they can get away with it, there’s a rumble in Dino’s tummy and ..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417743529
The Nature Instinct
The culmination of everything Tristan Gooley has written so far: How to take what you learn about the outdoors - and make it second nature. Fans of master outdoorsman Tristan Gooley have learned that the world is filled with clues to look for - we can use the Big Dipper to tell time, for example, an..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788416788439
The Ikeda Method
Get a sharp mind and elephant memory from the Japanese memory champion. We all know that to keep our bodies in shape, we must exercise frequently. However, when it comes to the mind, few take the time to exercise and strengthen their memory. Yoshihiro Ikeda, Japanese memory champion, brings us an ef..
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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788416788088
The Sakuma Method
The phenomenon that has sold more than 2,000,000 copies in Japan and has put half the world in shape Do you think you can never get a dream figure? Supermodel personal trainer Kenichi Sakuma will show you that, thanks to his innovative and effective method, you can achieve your goals and reshape you..
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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788416788408
Full Body Sakuma Method
The Japanese best seller to tone and reduce the volume of stubborn areas Do you want to tone and reduce the volume of a specific part of your body that you resist? Kenichi Sakuma, successful coach of international supermodels and celebrities, will show you that, thanks to his effective and simple me..
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