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Lose Weight with Kaoru

Lose Weight with Kaoru
Lose Weight with Kaoru
Lose Weight with Kaoru
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  • EAN: 9788418524004
  • Author: Kaoru
The Japanese secret to getting fit with just one tennis ball and 10 minutes a day. Do you need to activate the body and want to improve your health but feel that the day does not have enough hours? Do you suffer from muscle aches, swelling or want a more slim figure? This is the book you were looking for. After almost forty years of experience in the world of fitness, Kaoru, a famous Japanese trainer, comes to our country with a revolutionary method with which, with just ten minutes of exercises a day, you will get in shape, improve your immune system and you will say goodbye to muscle aches ... and all this from home and with just a tennis ball! Discover the magic of the Kaoru method and feel good in your own body.
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Bisac Code HEA007000
Format Paperback
Imprint Kitsune Books
Pages 96

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