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Botón de emergencia para dejar de amar

Botón de emergencia para dejar de amar
Botón de emergencia para dejar de amar
Only Mostly Devastated
  • Stock: 108
  • EAN: 9788418509124
  • Author: Sophie Gonzales
Under the sun, something was born ... What will those nights of love have? Will Tavares is the perfect boy to live a summer love: he is affectionate, funny and good. But just when Ollie thinks he has found the person he can live his happily ever after, the summer vacation comes to an end and Will disappears. To make matters worse, Ollie has to move to the other side of the country due to a family emergency and enrolls at Collinswood High, a high school where he knows no one ... except Will. Fate has brought them together again, but there is no trace of the sweet boy he met in the summer: Will is the typical macho, popular athlete and clown ... Oh, and he has not come out of the closet. Ollie is determined not to go after a guy who ignores him and is not ready to accept who he really is. He would be an idiot if he did, right? The perfect romantic comedy for lovers of With love, Simón.

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