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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417743284
Ghost Story
What if a void suddenly opened up in your life? This is the question Laura Freudenthaler pursues in her second novel Ghost Story, In her gap year, that she meant to spend playing piano and writing textbooks, Anne is thrown off track, One by one she abandons her habits and hobbies, By day she roams t..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418217517
Empires of the Sea
In 1521, Suleiman the Magnificent, Muslim ruler of the Ottoman Empire, dispatched an invasion fleet to the Christian island of Rhodes. This would prove to be the opening shot in an epic clash between rival empires and faiths for control of the Mediterranean and the center of the world. In Empires of..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418524295
Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear 1
A light-hearted manga about a girl transported to her favorite video game world with her magical bear suit equipped--based on the original light novel series (Anime coming soon!) Fifteen-year-old video game addict Yuna is set for life: she funds her shut-in lifestyle by playing the stock market and ..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418217548
The Appeal
ONE MURDER. FIFTEEN SUSPECTS.CAN YOU UNCOVER THE TRUTH?There is a mystery to solve in the sleepy town of Lower Lockwood. It starts with the arrival of two secretive newcomers, and ends with a tragic death. Law students Charlotte and Femi have been assigned to the case. Someone has already been sent ..
View La canción de Shannara (Shannara 3)
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417525583
The Wishsong of Shannara
One of the most popular fantasy talles of all time, Now an epic TV seriesHorror stalks the Four Lands, The Ildatch, immemorial book of evil spells, has stirred to eldritch life, sending its foul Mord Wraiths to accomplish at last Mankind's destruction, Once again Allanon, ancient Druid Protector of ..
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Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418509193
The City of Silence
What would you do if the fate of two worlds was in your hands?Katia is a teenager with a great life: she’s pretty, successful, and is surrounded by friends who adore her, However, her life changes forever when she finds a mysterious pendant where a genie is trapped, His name is Nandru, and he needs ..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418217531
The Fourth Crusade and the Sack of Constantinople
In April 1204, the armies of Western Christendom wrote another bloodstained chapter in the history of holy war. Two years earlier, aflame with religious zeal, the Fourth Crusade set out to free Jerusalem from the grip of Islam. But after a dramatic series of events, the crusaders turned their weapon..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417972387
The Stopover
A memorable night of passion refuses to stay just a memory in this sizzling and scandalous romance from bestselling author T L Swan… I was upgraded to first class on a flight from London to New York. The food, champagne, and service were impeccable. The blue-eyed man sitting next to me, even better...
View La espada de Shannara (Shannara 1)
New Bestseller
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418431050
The Sword of Shannara
***50 MILLION TERRY BROOKS COPIES SOLD AROUND THE WORLD***THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES IS NOW A MAJOR TV SERIESVolume one in the classic bestselling series - from one of the all-time masters of fantasy'Terry's place is at the head of the fantasy world' Philip PullmanLong ago, the world of the Four Lands ..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418216114
The Corner
The crime-infested intersection of West Fayette and Monroe Streets is well-known--and cautiously avoided--by most of Baltimore. But this notorious corner's 24-hour open-air drug market provides the economic fuel for a dying neighborhood. David Simon, an award-winning author and crime reporter, and E..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788417972455
The Takeover
Claire Anderson is a thirty-eight-year-old widow with three children and a media company to take care of. But, after the death of her husband, Miles Media wants to absorb the company, everything that she has left of her past, something that she is not willing to tolerate. The owner is Tristan Miles,..
Brand: Atico EAN: 9788418509155
The Stranger Times
There are dark forces at work in our world (and in Manchester in particular), so thank God The Stranger Times is on hand to report them . . . A weekly newspaper dedicated to the weird and the wonderful (but mostly the weird), it is the go-to publication for the unexplained and inexplicable. At least..
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