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Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494980879
Dear Dead
Death has lost its freshness and its sense of duty. Together with his long-suffering companion, a bigmouth demon, will enter a quiet town seeking to understand the lives he takes. Montatore expresses our deepest horrors in an overflowing gallery of characters that have our miseries and triumphs. / ..
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View El evangelio secreto de la Virgen María
Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441435933
The Secret Gospel of the Virgin Mary
We know very little about the Virgin Mary. Just a few lines in the Gospels tell us something about her. But, how was your life before the appearance of the Archangel Gabriel? / Sabemos muy poco de la Virgen María. Apenas unas líneas de los Evangelios nos dicen algo sobre ella, aunque esto sea lo es..
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View El cementerio de los herejes
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417954666
The Cemetery of the Heretics
A small town near Lausanne, ruled by Cardinal Steiner, is influenced by the reform of preacher Juan Calvino. Protected by a group of merciless mercenaries, the clergyman imposes a regime of tyranny, which awakens an ancient and diabolical curse that for years remained dormant. / Un pequeño pueblo c..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788492918843
Serving in the Army is mandatory again. The Desert is the worst destination. There they send the most conflicted and repudiated young people. A place so arid and isolated that nobody knows exactly where it is. It’s here where Aitor, a sixteen-year-old boy, will meet Oriol, the boy who will change hi..
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View Conexión monástica
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416997336
Monastic Connection
Many talk about the need to disconnect, either from social networks, technology, or simply from work. What is important is not to disconnect, but to have the ability to connect with oneself. The goal is to move from one connection to another without problems. This book analyzes rules in different re..
$12.71 $14.95
View El buen padre
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494894718
The Good Father
J. proudly carries her surname of Moroccan origin even though its strange. When she was a child her father, an immigrant, left home and she has not heard from him since. A story of a family told through fragments and memories of all the members. Can buried feelings change the opinion we have about t..
$15.26 $17.95
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