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18 Oct Exiled Shadow
17 2929
By: Grethel DelgadoAs a child, Norman Manea, of Jewish origin, experienced the traumas of a concentration camp (Transnistria, in present-day Ukraine) and communism in Romania, until he was able to set..
12 Sep The Sword of Shannara
3 420
By: Grethel Delgado"The Sword of Shannara" (Oz Editorial) is presented to the reader as the first vol..
09 May The Mastery of Life
3 701
Entrevista a Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. para el Blog de Barnes & Noble "Aromas a Libros"Por: Carolyn Rivers, Directora de papersource.comEs un grato honor para “Aroma a libros’ el darle la bienvenida a Don M..
17 Jun Murder At Lake Sunrise
5 5365
By: @Miss_cultura book is not my first foray into Christine Feehan's pen since I have long since read her UF or Urban Fantasy novels with dark characters and ..
22 Mar A Brave New World and Why We Must Always Keep Reading
5 2224
By Cristina Carvajal In his arguably greatest novel, Brave New World, British writer Aldous Huxley imagined a dystopian society where people traded in philosophy, art, and beauty for an ultimately f..
03 Nov News of the World: Hope in a Brutal World.
0 2341
In News of the World, the author takes us through the west of The United States in 1870, on the wild border between Texas and Indian Territory. The unlikely protagonist is  71-year-old Captain Jeffers..
25 Aug Clanlands: Get to know Scotland with the stars of the Outlander series
0 2215
If you're interested in Scotland, you've probably heard of STARZ's hit Outlander series. The series is based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, which tell the story of Claire Beauchamp, a nurse who has s..
22 Jun Klara and The Sun: Ishiguro’s new novel further explores what it means to be human
0 10420
By Cristina CarvajalIn his masterpiece, Remains of the Day, the Nobel-winning novelist Kazuo Ishiguro explores the inner mind of Stevens, an English butler who, in the mid 1930’s, serves Lord Darlingt..
12 Feb Bruce Lee, Artist of Life.
8 2418
Those of us who know of Bruce Lee might do so superficially, which further exemplifies the impact he made in his short and eventful life. He is well-known for his kung-fu movies, a novelty at the time..
12 Dec El Deleite De Vivir
1 1610
El Deleite De Vivir Natalyia Munoz leaves her groundbreaking perspective on the page with her first novel, The Joy of Living. The novel, based on the author’s experiences and reflections, is meant to..
20 Nov What’s the Story You’re Here To Tell?
0 20882
What’s the Story You’re Here To Tell? By Cristina Carvajal. Have you ever noticed that everyone is always telling a story? Even without speaking or moving, even when we try to hide it, there is a stor..
25 Sep Libros de actualidad: El empleo en la era digital
1 5230
El empleo en la era digitalJosé Joaquín Flechoco.Editorial AlmuzaraSinopsis:¿En qué piensan los políticos cuando hablan de crecimiento y creación de trabajo? ¿Cómo pasar de una economía de especulació..
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