Those of us who know of Bruce Lee might do so superficially, which further exemplifies the impact he made in his short and eventful life. He is well-known for his kung-fu movies, a novelty at the time, movies which broke down our understanding of what was possible and unachievable in martial arts cinema. Generations after generations adopted him as an icon, a transcendent symbol of the serenity and power that came to him so naturally and that he expressed so well through his characters.

But few of us know about the man behind the star, about his innermost thoughts. If we were to look further into his life, we would find a man who was in his essence a philosopher and that, through it all, exemplified his beliefs and embodied his understanding of life.

Did you know that Bruce Lee majored in philosophy in college? His lifelong interest on the inner workings of the mind, soul, and body and what ties them together drove him to look for answers in the philosophies of east and west, through which he formed his own unique philosophical thought. Many of his famous sayings such as ‘be like water, my friend,’ are a direct result of his study of philosophy, as evidenced by this text.

Koan has collected Bruce Lee’s thoughts in a groundbreaking volume, taking pages from his college assignments, his notebooks and even going as far as to include his enlightening poetry. The result is a collage that clarifies the myth that was Bruce Lee and invites us to read and reflect with him on how to make the most of life by fully embodying that which we believe.