By: @Miss_cultura

This book is not my first foray into Christine Feehan's pen since I have long since read her UF or Urban Fantasy novels with dark characters and a fantastic world around her that captivated me, but I lost track of her.

When I learned that murder on Lake Sunrise was going to be published, I wanted to re-read it, as my last reading with it disappointed me, and I wanted to remove that thorn.

I had a strange and peculiar feeling reading this novel, and that is that in some moments, I thought that this story was linked more to the supernatural world than to the mystery or thriller, and it was great since I did not take anything for granted and I was throughout the plot with a lump in my throat and thinking will there be any vampires? Will someone appear who will leave us speechless?

I think that this choral novel, apart from being a thriller with murders in between, mystery and fear, is more about the human psyche, about silence, about the pasts that haunt each character in one way or another, but above all it is about trusting yourself and growing in the face of adversity.

A novel with many characters and that at first it was difficult for me to get into it, but with so many names and that presentation so outraged that is made of Stella's group of friends is understandable, but Christine Feehan solves it in an elegant and original way.

I think the author wants us to know at a glance, with a single look at the whole group, but then one by one, she shows us her life, her past, and her true face.

The descriptions of the landscape are amazing, and every time the author tells us something about this piece of sanctuary and place, as if she felt those smells, saw those colors, tasted everything that the protagonists eat, etc.

The approach is curious and has seemed to me the most original, but the author, in some moments, gives some turns that made me dizzy, but I did not understand what I wanted to show the reader? or why did he do it?

At the end of the novel, I understood it, but it made me disconnect from it.

Christine Feehan told you that she turns to some topics, to some questions, but in the end, when all the pieces fit, you will know that reason, but you will discover what love does, the true meaning of trusting someone, having friends.

Murder on Lake Sunrise has seemed to me a novel of lonely hearts that are in the moment and in the perfect place, but I have also felt that everything is told in a special way since the author uses the art of photography for some things in particular and I liked the feeling that we are witnesses behind that camera.

I thought it was a high-voltage novel, but I've loved that Christine Feehan uses gestures, looks, and hugs and even makes a hot chocolate as a way to show love.

Love stories simmer, and transcendent conversations about those secrets that are hidden in the trunk of memories will emerge, but at a slow pace.

Christine plays mouse and cat with the reader and will confuse him.

Although it has focused on the plot of Stella and what happens to her, it is true that I felt that the lives of others are paralyzed, and I want to know how was their life after everything they lived in those days? Has anything changed?

Paternal-filial and mother-child relationships is another topic that I would like to tell you since Christine has treated it differently for each character, and I liked how she gives a point of view or portrays one family and another.

It is funny that this lake is called Sunrise since the setting is magnificent and has a gloomy, dark, and not at all sunny tone, I guess you wanted to make a game in which it is a lake in which everyone is happy, but there are some clouds ...

It took me several days to read it, but I needed to be focused and assimilate everything she could tell us.

Highly recommended for lovers of murder novels, with secrets of the past and present, enigmatic and charismatic characters from various parts of the world, etc.

Christine Feehan has written a terrifying, nostalgic novel to read with the 5 senses and very original.