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Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786079344399
Ukluk's Secret
In Nunutuk everything is snow, cold, infinite whiteness. But little does Ukluk know this will change. Why do the beads of sweat suddenly appear on the foreheads of the nunutecos? As the world melts, Ukluk knows why. / En Nunutuk todo es nieve, frío, blancura infinita. Pero el pequeño Ukluk sabe que..
$7.16 $7.95
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786079344368
The Bhakti Dream
While Bhakti was walking through the jungle in search of fruits, a moan in the distance caught her attention. She approached, curious, and found a baby elephant, hairy and beautiful. Over time, the love between them grew more and more. A wonderful story about friendship. / Un día que Bhakti paseaba..
$7.16 $7.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491456360
The Emperor's New Dress
«The emperor looked in the mirror. No one was to discover that he could not see his new clothes». A timeless tale about the value of truth and the liberating power of laughter...
$17.06 $18.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491453864
The Moonlight Zoo
Eva has looked everywhere for her missing cat, Luna. Then she discovers the Moonlight Zoo, a magical place for lost animals. There amongst lions and elephants she sees parrots, dogs, even guinea pigs... But can Eva find Luna before the zoo fades at dawn? / La pequeña Eva está muy triste porque ya h..
$18.86 $20.95
Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788877039941
Once Upon a Time a Little Little Book
Books for curious hands and eyes, with a great final surprise. Incredible stories in beautiful books - a collection you can't miss! To fall in love with reading from a young age!..
$8.06 $8.95
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786077835493
I'm Little Sick
With simple lines and a lot of fantasy, Kala accompanies children with her imagination, to the land of dreams. / Con versos simples y mucha fantasía, Kala acompaña a los niños, con su imaginación, a la tierra de los sueños...
$6.26 $6.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491452324
Hugo is Angry
Hugo is completely ready for the school trip to the zoo: backpack, camera, snacks... He has everything! But on the morning of the big day, Hugo wakes up with fever and a rage that feels like the fire of a red dragon rises inside him… / Falta poco para la excursión al zoo y Hugo ya está preparadísim..
$16.16 $17.95
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786079344375
Amina's Song
Amina's life in the forest is peaceful and joyful. But one day, food becomes scarce and the tribe is forced to move. To save themselves, they must wake up the sleeping forest spirit. / La vida de Amina en el bosque es pacífica y alegre. Pero un día, la comida comienza a escasear y la tribu se ve ob..
$7.16 $7.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491455042
The Little Red Hen
Beloved illustrator J. P. Miller’s graphic, colorful farm animals seem to jump right off the page—but they aren’t jumping to help the Little Red Hen plant her wheat! Young children will learn a valuable lesson about teamwork from this funny, favorite folktale...
$14.36 $15.95
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786079344382
The Feat of Leif
Leif is not just any Viking. He doesn’t want to cross the oceans, doesn’t like adventures and wants to never have to wield his ax against an enemy. How will he sustain his first expedition across the sea? Even more importantly, what will he learn about himself on this trip? / Leif no es un vikingo ..
$7.16 $7.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491450184
The Girl Who Always Said NO
When it comes to persistence, few things compare to a child nagging and negotiating to try and get what he wants. This is a funny story about a little girl that always says no! / Acábate lo que tienes en el plato! Ponte el pijama!Lávate los dientes! No, no, no y NO! Esta nina solo hace lo que quier..
$17.06 $18.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491452201
Lucie Goose
Lucie Goose lives all alone in a house at the edge of the woods. She has never met or spoken to another animal of any sort until... a wolf, bear and lion turn up on her doorstep and roar! She should start screaming. She should run away. But Lucie Goose isn't very good at being scared. What will she ..
$16.16 $17.95
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