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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789706433930
20000 Leagues of Submarine voyage
The novel, 20 thousand languages ??of submarine travel, is the great maritime adventure that the French writer Jules Verne inherited from us. In these pages you will be able to board the Nautilus and, together with Captain Nemo, travel all over the seas of the world. In this wonderful journey you wi..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491451211
The Nursery Alice
Lewis Carroll prepared a shorter version of Alice in Wonderland for the little ones, selecting twenty of John Tenniel’s most representative drawings. We find in it the adventures that Alice lives with the white rabbit, the Cheshire cat and the court of the ill-tempered Queen of Hearts. / Lewis Carr..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433961235
Crime and Punishment
These stories are told using illustrations from talented designers. The basic objective is to introduce the classics to the newer generations, but it is also intended for the whole family. The idea is to tell children of the third millennium, hooked to the television, internet and video games, the s..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788412340822
Perrault's Best Tales
A selection of the best children's stories by the French writer Charles Perrault by Roberto Piumini...
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531091
Dracula and Frankenstein
In these Golden Classics we present two works of universal literature: Dracula and Frankenstein. Bram Stoker Novelist and Irish writer. He belonged to the Golden Dawn secret society, in which famous writers met to discuss occult and esoteric themes. The story of Dracula begins when Jonathan Harker, ..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074533224
The Nutcracker
María and Federico are happy to celebrate Christmas in the company of their parents and their godfather Cristian. Next to the Christmas tree, the little girl finds a strange little man: the Nutcracker, who will become a great hero by defeating the king of mice; that's how Maria's love and respect is..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074534795
The Nutcracker and Lake of Swans
This wonderful story takes you to two worlds at once: a real one (Christmas Eve, the House of the Minister of Health) and another fantasy (the country of jams, the jam or the Alfajor). Delve into the pages of Swan Lake and accompany Odette in her joys and sorrows. / Este maravilloso cuento te lleva..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789708030311
Swan Lake
She was a beautiful princess who, like you, had many dreams and longings. One day, an evil sorcerer enchanted her because she refused to marry him and, then, was condemned to live like a swan while the sun shone on high... / ¿Conoces la historia de Odette? Ella era una hermosa princesa que, como tú..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531336
The Jungle Book and Tales of the Jungle
In these Golden Classics we present two works of universal literature: The Jungle Book and Jungle Tales. The Jungle Book tells the story of a boy who was stolen from his parents by the tiger Shere Khan, who in his escape let him fall. Jungle Tales is a storybook for children. / En estos Clásicos de..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788477207368
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Frank L. Baum, a prolific American author of over sixty stories for children, owes its popularity to one of them, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, which, since its publication in 1900, has been translated into over thirty languages. This classic of fantasy literature tells the adventures of the little Do..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531169
The Periquillo Sarniento and Lazarillo de Tormes
In these Golden Classics we present two works of universal literature: El Periquillo Sarniento and El Lazarillo de Tormes. El Periquillo Sarniento tells the story of Pedro Sarmiento. El Lazarillo de Tormes is about Lázaro, a boy of humble origins from Salamanca. / En estos Clásicos de oro te presen..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074531985
The Little Prince and Peter Pan
In these Golden Classics we present you two works of universal literature: The Little Prince and Peter Pan. The Little Prince is a story in which a pilot is lost in the Sahara desert after his plane suffers a breakdown. Peter Pan is the story a boy who refuses to grow up and just wants to have fun. ..
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