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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789706439055
Tales of the French tradition
All peoples have their traditional stories that, published in a book or not, are transmitted from one generation to another and come to us to teach us different realities to ours. With the pleasure that you continue to know the stories that are told in various parts of the world, Enrique Elliot has ..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9786074537376
Mother Goose
Mother Goose was published in 1697. The stories included existed centuries before Perrault, as part of the European oral or written tradition. They come from medieval legends, French popular folklore and Italian Renaissance texts. Some versions are surprisingly truculent, especially for current read..
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Brand: Sélector EAN: 9789706439628
Medieval Children's Tales
This work, fruit of the imagination of two very talented guys, is a collection of incredible adventures of real and fantastic characters whose origin goes back to the distant Middle Ages, a time when heroes abound, impossible missions arise, and Magic permeates the world. / Esta obra, fruto de la i..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491454908
Bedtime Stories
Rediscover a bunch of classic fairy tales with your children and share with them, before going to bed, these original little stories. The magnificent illustrations that accompany these stories and their endearing characters will enchant young and old alike...
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491451457
Stories for Children 3 Years Old
Cuentos para niños de 3 años gathers seven tender stories to share with the little ones. Simple narrations accompanied by colorful illustrations that convey messages of tolerance, respectfulness, and kindness. / Puede que aquel tobogán tan alto dé un poco de miedo, salvo que tu hermanito se suba co..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788497772099
Stories for Thinking
Over thirty stories in this book, along with the activities and questions we proposed Robert Fisher after each reading, children will learn to know each other better themselves and the world around them. essential topics like nature, respect, solidarity, justice and friendship are developed for each..
$18.86 $20.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788416117239
Horns, Tails, Spikes, and Claws
Horns, Tails, Spikes, and Claws is a mix-and-match board book of monstrous proportions! Building off of the well-known song "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," this book explores all sorts of different monsters from top to bottom (and horns and claws and fangs and wings). With die-cut pages through..
$11.66 $12.95
Brand: Urano World EAN: 9786077835684
Dante and Camila
In a simple and fun way, this collection deals with common household topics such as losing toys, the relationship between brothers and sisters, and "accidents" at bedtime. Bearbunny is weird toy; it has a bear body with bunny ears! It is Dante's favorite toy, and they live many adventures together. ..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491450931
Logbook of a Dinosaur Hunter
The authentic logbook of a dinosaur hunter to know what to do (and especially what NOT to do) if one comes to find himself in the same situation. A very original story that exhibits foresight and the capacity of organization. / Este álbum infantil, estructurado como un auténtico diario íntimo, perm..
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Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441434080
10 Monsters in Bed
In this play on '10 green bottles'/ '10 in a bed', 10 monsters are very squished on a bunk bed. On each spread, a monster gets pushed out on to the floor, where readers can press them to hear the fun sounds they make, for example: snoring, scratching, burping, slurping, sniffing. / Divertidos monst..
$21.56 $23.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491455875
The Knight With the Blazing Bottom
Dragon is in trouble again. The fire within him that the knight Sir Wayne helped him recover, instead of shooting out of his mouth, now it's...uh, out of the back door. But there is no need to worry! His chivalrous friend has a plan. They must turn the world upside down, put down what is up and up w..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788416648917
Nick the Knight and the Dragon
Nick the Knight isn't the greatest knight. Everybody knows that he's the smallest knight in the land... Too tiny to ride a horse, can't shoot an arrow to save his life, and can't even lift his sword. Even Nick doesn't believe he's very brave- in fact, he's scared to death of spiders! But, one day.....
$13.46 $14.95
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