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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416773251
Are There Bluebottles That Taste Like Carrots?
In this adorable tale, Nuli the rabbit and Super-Brave the frog realize that they are inseparable friends, even though they cannot do everything together. / En este cuento adorable el conejo Nuli y la rana Cachivaliente se dan cuenta de que son amigos inseparables a pesar de que no puedan hacer tod..
$7.61 $8.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491453260
Do you Want to Play with Me, Dad?
They may seem like simple times, but some of the moments we share with our children remain etched in their memories forever. This book celebrates the joy of spending time father-son enjoying activities. / Pueden parecer cosas sencillas o anecdóticas, un juego, unas cosquillas, un paseo por el bosqu..
$11.86 $13.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491451594
Do Princesses Boogie?
This princess is not just any princess! She is very active! She dances, climbs trees, kicks a ball and rides a bicycle. In this charming story, children will discover that they can have fun in many ways. It is enough to just start moving! / ¡Esta princesa no es una princesa cualquiera! ¡Es muy acti..
$14.41 $16.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491453765
Can Princesses Become Astronauts?
Do princesses go on missions to Mars? Astronauts always reach for the stars. Do princesses grow up to be librarians? Teachers and Builders! And veterinarians! This book tells girls that the sky’s the limit as to what they can achieve. / ¿Las princesas pueden ser astronautas? ¡Pues claro que sí! Ast..
$14.41 $16.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788494154942
Do Princesses Scrape Their Knees?
This engaging story tells not just of an active girl, but one who regular falls and comes back. Fun drawings illustrate the problems with sports and how they can still be fun despite the falls! The moral of the story is good. Keep trying and don't worry if you fail. / Esta princesa NO es una prince..
$17.81 $20.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788494154935
Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?
Your favorite princess has met her match! Join in the fun as two little girls celebrate their friendship by playing dress up, making forts, stomping in the mud, and generally doing all the things that best friends do. Together they learn that being a princess is about more than just crowns and dress..
$17.81 $20.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788494074585
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
Every inquisitive little girl wonders what it is really like to be a genuine princess. In this book an energetic, spirited, and contemporary child has lots of important questions for her mom. Do princesses ride tricycles, climb trees, do chores, or have to eat the crusts of their bread? This heart-w..
$17.81 $20.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491451587
Do Princesses and Super Heroes Hit the Trails?
Another fantastic and inspiring book by the author of the series ¿Las Princesas hacen...? Join our favorite princess and her friend as they explore the national parks of the USA and discover a wonderful and exciting outdoor adventure! / Otro fantástico e inspirador libro de la autora de la serie ¿L..
$15.26 $17.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788416648832
Is There Only One Mom?
Mom is a magic word for all children.This book is written in a positive and nurturing manner and lets children know that there are many different types of family situations. / Al oído de todos los niños, la palabra MAMA suena mágica. Pero ¿quién es mamá? ¿Cuántas mamás puede tener un niño?¿Y cuánta..
$15.26 $17.95
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788492691258
To smallest it will enchant them to turn small faces of each one of the pages of this wonderful and original book. There will be questions that indicate that according to our mood, each one of the readings of this book will be different. The book offers a great opportunity to speak with children abo..
$11.01 $12.95
Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491452263
Let's Talk About the Birds and the Bees
This books uses clear, easy to understand language to answer complex questions about sex and relationships, and covers all manner of tricky subjects from puberty to consent with delicate accuracy and honesty. / ¿Siempre te preguntas por dónde empezar cuando tu peque quiere hablar sobre cómo se conc..
$13.56 $15.95
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416773329
Can You Yawn Like a Fawn?
When getting your child to sleep can be a nightly challenge, Can You Yawn Like a Fawn? uses clinical sleep strategies for a calming, restful reading experience to tell a story of sleepy animals getting tucked in at night. With each dreamy illustration, your child will be prompted to yawn along with ..
$9.31 $10.95
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