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Cielo azul

Cielo azul
Cielo azul
Blue Sky
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  • EAN: 9788418538704
  • Author: Daria Bignardi
Ever since her husband, Doug, left her suddenly and without explanation, Galla spends her days on the couch, staring at the magnolia on the patio and fantasizing about throwing herself off the balcony to escape excruciating pain blamed on herself. During her first solo trip, to Munich, she accidentally walks into a museum where the work of the German painter Gabriele Münter is exhibited and her works "so full of color and so devoid of joy" mesmerize her. From that moment on, Gabriele's voice enters Galla's life: it torments and mocks her as she recounts her long love story with Kandinski, much like Gala's with Doug.
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Bisac Code FIC000000
Format Paperback
Imprint Nefelibata
Pages 192

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