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A plena luz

A plena luz
A plena luz
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  • EAN: 9788418128981
  • Author: J.R. Moehringer
This is a true story. A story that begins and ends in one day. A story that lasts a lifetime. Can you relive a life in one day? It happened in New York. On Christmas Day 1969. And the protagonist is Willie Sutton, the Robin Hood of Brooklyn, the Gandhi of gangsters. This story is of astronauts and mermaids, of policemen and thieves, of tycoons and gardeners. It is a story of escapes, a story of books, of those that change life, and it is a story of freedom rediscovered and love sought. You have only one day, but yours is going to be a memorable story. Willie Sutton was born in the Irish suburbs of Brooklyn in 1901 and came of age at a time when banks were out of control. Sutton saw only one way out and one way to win the girl of his dreams. So he started the career of America's most successful bank robber. Over three decades, Sutton became so good at breaking into banks that the FBI included him on its first Most Wanted List. But the public supported the criminal who never fired a shot, and when Sutton was finally captured for good, crowds in jail chanted his name.

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