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El Grano de Mostaza

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Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788494908989
The Breath of Life
A unique approach to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a whole-body healing therapy focused on working with the forces underlying health and healing. Cherionna Menzam-Sills draws on her extensive background to present this accessible introduction. / Este libro es una importante contribución al campo..
$21.55 $23.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788493727444
Love Without Conditions
This is a very popular book. The author has sold over a million copies only in the US. It describes the road to unconditional love. It is very easy to read and understand, and has been selling very well for the last ten years in Spanish. Highly recommended. / Este libro es el resultado de la unio?n..
$17.95 $19.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788494354915
The Unlearning Art
While many contemporary authors describe that our thoughts create the world, Corbera goes a step further and starts to explain how this happens, giving an orderly and scientific description of the process. It opens awesome horizons for the human mind. / En esta obra Enric Corbera expone las teorías..
$22.45 $24.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788493727482
Search of the Being
Raman Maharshi is probably the best known of all the Vedanta wizards. His presence, grace and silence captivated, and still attract, thousands of seekers from East and West. The simplicity of his message and his life still touches all those who approach his teachings. / En medio de estos tiempos ac..
$17.95 $19.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788494679865
Miracles at Work
In our culture, we spend most of our time in our job, and it is there also where we invest the best of our energy. And it is precisely there where we can make the difference applying the spiritual principles of A Course in Miracles to maintain a positive attitude before all the challenges we have to..
$17.05 $18.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788412513967
Peaceful Heart, Warrior Spirit
I want to tell you a true story. A long time ago, I set out on a quest to find meaning in the modern world. In the years that followed, I evolved from a youthful athlete to an elder teacher of practical (some say spiritual) life skills. The events and experiences unfolded as I describe them — not me..
$20.66 $22.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788412415926
Crisis, ¿are you Ready to Grow?
Enric Corbera explains how to see crisis as an opportunity to change our way of thinking and grow. Although it may seem contradictory, the premise of this book could not be more forceful: failure is success, since they are two polarities of the same spectrum, the spectrum of abundance, of achievemen..
$19.76 $21.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788412363098
Healing Through a Course of Miracles
Corbera explains the principles of ACIM with clarity and making them very easy to understand. It is the second of our bestsellers. Corbera has the ability of explaining quantum physics to the layman, making it something familiar...
$19.76 $21.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788494414619
Healing and Recovery
In this book , doctor Hawkins introduces us to a truly holistic approach to health in the most complete sense of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. To heal is to restore wholeness. On this basis, he explains some of the changes that lead us to health and recovery. / Este libro está escrito ..
$23.35 $25.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788494021053
From Fixation to Freedom
Eli Jaxon-Bear presents a model radically new of the ego and of our psyche. Uniting his Buddhist training with the Sufi work about the essence, makes use of the structures of Eneagram to reveal a new way to awaken that describes with clarity what you are not. / Eli Jaxon-Bear presenta un modelo ra..
$17.95 $19.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788494248214
Letting Go
The journey from stress to peace is not only possible, it is within reach. Hawkins reminds us that the sunshine is always present, and becomes visible when the clouds disappear. Letting go accelerates our growth in all areas of our life. This is the bestseller of our company. Absolutely recommended...
$20.66 $22.95
Brand: El Grano de Mostaza EAN: 9788412594751
Have you ever wante to live a life of spontaneity, flow, authenticity and profound intimacy? It is possible. How about experiencing reality without perceptual filters, abiding moment to moment boundless clarity? This is also possible and is possible for yo. If you feel called to investigate the most..
$22.46 $24.95
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