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Solo vive quien muere

Solo vive quien muere
Solo vive quien muere
He who Dies Only Lives
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  • EAN: 9788411311304
  • Author: Salvador Gutiérrez Solís
May 1, 2020. On the last day of confinement as a result of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, and with a spectral and silent Seville as an unusual setting, inspector Carmen Puerto immerses herself in a case that will mark her professional career, in the most unexpected and unwanted way. A series of murders that had tormented her years ago, and that she could not solve, return to the present. This time, the inspector, accompanied by her inseparable Jaime Cuesta and Julia Núñez, stars in a story dominated by unforeseen turns and by the reunion with her most feared past. "He who dies only lives" closes a circle that began to take shape in "The Anonymous Lovers" and continued in "The Language of the Tides", already classic titles of the Hispanic black genre. Carmen Puerto, faithful to her peculiar working methods, must face, in the most adverse conditions, the most ruthless and methodical assassin he has never met before. And again in the streams and estuaries that connect Ayamonte with Isla Cristina, that magical labyrinth that so few know. Salvador Gutiérrez Solís recreates a fast-paced and dark story, an ambitious, surprising and diabolically structured noir novel, which thanks to its rhythm and succession of events will keep the most demanding reader devoted to its reading.

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