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Analizar el auge de la ultraderecha

Analizar el auge de la ultraderecha
Analizar el auge de la ultraderecha
Analyze the Rise of the Extreme Right
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  • EAN: 9788418525599
  • Author: Beatriz Acha Ugarte
The rise of the extreme right in recent decades is an undeniable phenomenon.

This book presents a reflection on the causes of the emergence of new parties of this family in Western Europe, as well as its consequences. It also raises other issues addressed in the academic literature on the extreme right / radical right, such as their ideology or the characteristics of their voters. Based on the analysis of one of the most recent successful cases, Vox in the 2019 elections in Spain, the work combines a descriptive vision of the growth of the different «ultra» parties in Europe with a more analytical one, which addresses the suitability of the labels with which this phenomenon is referred to and collects some of the debates that are still open on the subject. The book contextualizes and measures a complex phenomenon of which many aspects are still unknown.
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Bisac Code POL042000
Collection Claves contemporáneas / Política
Format Paperback
Pages 160

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