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Autobiografía de un espantapájaros

Autobiografía de un espantapájaros
Autobiografía de un espantapájaros
Autobiografy of a Scarecrow
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  • EAN: 9788497843522
  • Author: Boris Cyrulnik
Autobiography of a Scarecrow received the prestigious Renaudot Prize for the best book of essays published in France in 2008. In its pages, Cyrulnik once again addresses resilience as the centerpiece of a discourse written with vigor and stylistic dexterity. This time, the author focuses on a specific aspect of resilience: the construction of the story that allows the person to grow from the traumatic experience. Here and there, throughout the different cultures of the world, Cyrulnik has gone to meet those who have been wounded by life, narrating their biography and how they have known how to repair and make their fragility a source from which to draw vital energy.
To a certain extent, it can be said that this Autobiography of a Scarecrow takes up the proposal launched at the beginning of the second part of The Ugly Ducklings, published by Gedisa in 2002 with great success among the public and critics: «The act of the simple word creates a separation that makes us exist as a subject, a subject whose way of interpreting the world is personal and unique». On that occasion, Cyrulnik reflected on those elements that relate the painful past to the identity of the individual, while in this, his most recent book, he addresses the very nature of the verbalization of the wound suffered.
Autobiography of a Scarecrow is a book that breaks the silences and taboos that societies impose on unhappiness; a book that explains why it is necessary to speak, to let speak and to know how to listen to and understand the traumatized: a book full of hope and courage.
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