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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433959577
Compendium Carrère (The adversary, A Russian novel
With the books included here, Emmanuel Carrère took a giant step in a career that had already stood out for its uniqueness, daring and radicalism. The author explored the non-fiction novel, and the result was three masterpieces of unmatched power. / Con los libros que aquí se incluyen Emmanuel Carr..
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Brand: Duomo EAN: 9788415355625
When the Emperor Was Divine
On a sunny day in Berkeley, California, in 1942, a woman sees a sign in a post office window, returns to her home, and matter-of-factly begins to pack her family's possessions. Like thousands of other Japanese Americans they have been reclassified, virtually overnight, as enemy aliens and are about ..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433980786
Moon Palace
Marco Stanley Fogg is entering the world of adulthood when astronauts set foot on the moon. He was educated by eccentric Uncle Victor. At the dawn of the lunar era, his uncle dead, Marco begins to fall into destitution, loneliness and a kind of calm madness, until the beautiful Kitty Wu rescues him...
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433980496
The Loyalties
This novels is centered on a twelve-year-old boy: Théo, whose parents are separated. His father, mired in depression, barely leaves his chaotic apartment. The mother lives consumed by hate towards her ex, who abandoned her for another woman. In the middle of that war, Théo will find his escape in al..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433999085
The Wonders
What is the weight of family in our lives, and what is the weight of money? In this novel there are two women: María, who at the end of her sixties leaves her life in a southern city to work in Madrid, and Alicia, who is born thirty years later and repeats her path for different reasons. What unites..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433980779
One day in 1990 on the Wisconsin highway, a bomb goes off in the hand of a man. But somebody knows who he was, and with the FBI closely on his heels, Peter Aaron decides to tell his story, to give his version, before history establishes its unfinished truths and falsities for what really happened...
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433997715
My Documents
Zambra traces the existence of men who fall back on an outdated idea of masculinity, describing the transition of peripatetic beings who stake their chips on love. The search for the father, the obsolescence of feelings that seemed eternal, mendacity as the only means of attachment, and the legitima..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433998408
Animal Museum
A museologist receives, from a renowned designer, an invitation to collaborate in a strange exhibition. Wrapped in a police plot, here is a brilliant puzzle about that moment in which art, guided by its political drive, risks becoming something more. / Un museólogo recibe, de parte de una reconocid..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433999450
Hairdressing & Literature
This could be a picaresque novel, although, according to the receptionists at the gastroenterology clinic where the protagonist is undergoing a colonoscopy, it could very well be a crime novel, with intricate mysteries, macabre accidents, incriminating evidence and two unusual suspects: a Breton hai..
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Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441425132
It is Forbidden to Commit Suicide in Spring
Alejandro Casona was a playwright and poet belonging to the famous Generation of '27. With this play, he approaches a morbidly interesting topic that few writers dare to touch: suicide. Curiously enough, this play manages to exalt and celebrate life and everything that is beautiful about it. / Al..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433980175
Her Body and Other Parties
In Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado demolishes the arbitrary borders between psychological realism and science fiction, comedy and horror. In this electric, provocative debut, Machado presents narratives that map the realities of women’s lives to the violence visited upon their bodie..
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Brand: Urano World EAN: 9788416517466
A mesmerizing debut novel for fans of Madeline Miller's Circe.Ariadne, Princess of Crete, grows up greeting the dawn from her beautiful dancing floor and listening to her nursemaid’s stories of gods and heroes. But beneath her golden palace echo the ever-present hoofbeats of her brother, the Minotau..
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