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The Strike as Theory
Alejandra Azuero Quijano proposes to think of the strike as an epistemic outbreak, an event that articulates stories and rhythms of time that allow us to rethink the past in order to understand and update the present. Based on repertoires of resistance and interruption, the national strike reorganiz..
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The Frustrated Pleasure
What consequences does the use of new technologies and social networks have on people's intimate lives? New digital tools have facilitated the use of cybersex, a practice in which more and more people are attracted. However, online pornography or virtual dating chats rarely give rise to truly satisf..
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The Principle of Anguish
Understanding anguish as the anguish of birth and not as the power of the end, nor as the anguish of death, is the key to this untimely book that formulates a true principle of hope for our time of crisis, Anxiety has always accompanied human existence since its origins, This work makes a psychologi..
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The Senselessness of Sense
This book contains two dissertations that Watzlawick delivered at the 1989 and 1991 Vienna Conferences. With the help of some brilliant and timely quotes, the author makes us aware of how "reality" is nothing other than the meaning or nonsense that things and events have in our lives. It is a networ..
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Zen Among Christians
This book is at the beginning of the contemporary dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity, an issue that continues to have the same relevance as when it was first published five decades ago, as Javier Melloni states in his introduction. The Jesuit Hugo Lassalle lived in Japan for more than sixty ..
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It is necessary to "tame" emotions and then recognize them, transforming boundaries into extremely powerful resources and building an alliance between intelligence and instinct, reason and feeling, calculation and emotion. Nardone proposes that we address them as an exploration of the complexity of ..
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In Search of the Collective Goodness
Through revealing stories, this work aims to provoke reflection on the effects of incivility in our lives, becoming a concise guide on how to live better. We have many words to describe any act of incivility, but few to explain the opposite. The author proposes the term «civility», a way of improvin..
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In Search of Well-Being
This book offers a guide both for mental health professionals -as an alternative or complementary tool to drug treatments-, as well as for people interested in the search for physical and spiritual well-being, with the aim of achieving a greater understanding of their own circumstances, and the real..
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In Play
This work aims to value play and stimulate its use in working with children, who by playing encourage this capacity in professionals and allow everyone to continue learning while putting themselves, over and over again, "in play." Play, for children, is a privileged means of expression, which makes ..
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Enrique Dussel
Enrique Dussel is one of the best-known Latin American philosophers with the greatest impact inside and outside the American continent. This book, which deals with his figure from his biographical, philosophical, historical and political aspects, is essential to get into the thinking of one of the f..
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Once Upon a Time… Maimonides
Maimonides (1135-1204) was a renowned physician, philosopher, and rabbi, The people's imagination has attributed facts and events to him that in most cases don’t correspond to his real biography, This book is an anthology of one hundred and five traditional Hebrew stories about Maimonides, It’s the ..
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Scales of Justice
The author reviews her well-known theories of redistribution and recognition, and introduces "representation" as a third "political" dimension of justice. Dialogue with thinkers such as Habermas, Rawls, Foucault or Arendt envisages a post-Westphalian political space that embraces transnational solid..
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