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Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417954444
That was not in my Spy History Book
Did you know that espionage is the oldest profession in the world? Are you aware that there has been no victory in history without prior espionage? Was Francisco de Quevedo a spy? These and other questions are answered in this book that reveals numerous curiosities about espionage throughout history..
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Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788417558055
Great atrocities of the Second World War
Readers will learn about the bloody prologue that took place in 1937 in the Chinese city of Nanking, as a frightening advance of the Second World War, and some facts that are often overlooked by historians of the conflict, such as the systematic massacres which were committed on the eastern front. /..
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Brand: Atico de los Libros EAN: 9788416222506
Meetings with Remarkable Manuscripts
This is a captivating examination of twelve illuminated manuscripts from the medieval period. Noted authority Christopher de Hamel invites the reader into intimate conversations with these texts to explore what they tell us about nearly a thousand years of medieval history - and about the modern wor..
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Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788411310406
Christ´s Warriors
The Order of Saint John of Jerusalem is, without a doubt, one of the oldest and most important institutions of the Catholic Church, but it is also, indisputably, that of the culture and civilization in the West. Its influence has been important in the history of Europe for centuries, and today it is..
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Brand: Anagrama EAN: 9788433964748
Perseus. Jason. Atalanta. Theseus. Heracles. Rediscover the thrills, grandeur, and unabashed fun of the Greek myths. Whether recounting a tender love affair or a heroic triumph, Fry deftly finds resonance with our own modern minds and hearts. Illustrated throughout with classical art inspired by the..
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Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788492573967
History of Freemasonry in the United States
The United States is the most powerful country on Earth. Since its foundation, a secret society, Freemasonry, has seduced its most illustrious politicians, thinkers and economists. Currently, it is thought that more than three million Americans belong to a lodge. / Estados Unidos es el país más pod..
$26.96 $29.95
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788418709258
Madrid of legend
Madrid of legend is a historical journey through some of the most unusual and legendary events and characters of the capital. Thus we can discover a city that is the fruit of the prodigy because Madrid has become the thriving capital of today against all odds...
$24.26 $26.95
Brand: Almuzara EAN: 9788418709821
Nazis on the Costa del Sol
After the war, the Nazis escaped from Germany had the explicit and direct support of the Francoist authorities to escape from the Allied courts of justice. The Costa del Sol became a refuge and residence for famous Nazis who escaped from justice, such as Dr. Aribert Heim, "Dr. Death"; Otto Remer, th..
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Brand: Atico de los Libros EAN: 9788418217173
Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings
The Viking Age -- from 750 to 1050 -- saw an unprecedented expansion of the Scandinavian peoples into the wider world. As traders and raiders, explorers and colonists, they ranged from eastern North America to the Asian steppe. But for centuries, the Vikings have been seen through the eyes of others..
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Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441440593
Atlas of Empires
A vision of the main empires that have occurred in history, from Egypt to the United States of America. A multitude of maps and illustrations that will help us understand Byzantium, the Chinese and Mongolian empires, the different caliphates, the pre-Columbian empires of America, the Spanish Empire,..
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Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441441262
Historical Atlas of Spain
This Historical Atlas of Spain is an enjoyable and accessible guide that begins in the first millennium BC and ends in the 21st century. With a very tight narrative approach, it synthesizes the political, social, economic, and cultural development of Spain with numerous maps, photographs and illustr..
$36.86 $40.95
Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441440579
Curiosities of the Spanish History for Parents and
An intergenerational book, fully illustrated, that will delight both the little ones and adults. With an informative language, but with great rigor, we will take a tour of those aspects of the history of Spain that are most unknown, bringing closer and facilitating their knowledge to a new generatio..
$20.66 $22.95
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