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The Palm Tree of Deborah
Tómer Débora (תומר דבורה), The Palm Tree of Deborah was written in Hebrew in the mid-16th century by Moses Cordovero(1522-1570), better known as the Ramak, a kabbalist who lived in Israel, in the city of Safed. This short but condensed text is an ethical and kabbalistic work in which he proposes a m..
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You will rise again
Cain and Abel: Do we really know them? The obviousness of fratricide has dazzled us and led us to miss other messages of the text. Iosef Kleiner proposes here a different, daring, revolutionary analysis, after a careful reading of details generally overlooked in this biblical account. In an analysis..
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As is normal with one of the most influential texts in the history of mankind, the Torah has been the subject of several translations, and this book presents the one by two Sephardic Jews, Yom Tov Atías and Abraham Usque, published for the first time in 1553 in the Italian city of Ferrara, in a beau..
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The Healing Power of the Kabbalah
In this book, Rabbi Aaron Shlezinger talks about the Kabbalah’s curative power at a somatic, psychological, and spiritual level. He proposes remedies from the ancient texts, as well as therapeutic prescriptions and advice in order to enjoy longevity. / En este libro, el rabino Aharón Shlezinger se ..
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Manual of Kabbalistic Resources - vol II
This second volume completes the project begun in the first volume in the sense of presenting an integrative spirituality of the different levels of the human being, according to the Kabalistic ideal of uniting heaven and earth.Following the fundamental technique of the Names of God and their combin..
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The Secret of the Snake - Hashmal
These two short works by the renowned kabbalist Joseph Gikatilla (1248-1325) focus on two of the most fundamental kabbalistic secrets: the serpent of Genesis and the Hashmal of the book of Ezekiel. Gikatilla was a student of the mythical Abraham Abulafia, and was in close relationship with Moses of ..
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The Keys of the Closed Garden
The world is like a kaleidoscope in which every moment something new happens that captures our attention, and it is a challenge to find time to engage with the spiritual world. On the other hand, one who keeps Shabbat has access to a place of bliss and harmony, a place where he can enter into a pers..
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The Kabalah of Light
In this step-by-step guide to kabbalistic practices to connect with your natural inner genius and liberate the light within you, Catherine Shainberg reveals how to tap instantly into the subconscious and receive answers to urgent questions. This method, called the Kabbalah of Light, originated with ..
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The Zohar I
The Zohar modifies and transforms the life of a person to levels that can only be witnessed and transmitted by those who have lent themselves to such an extraordinary experience. First of the 26 volumes that will be published every six months. / El Zohar es, sin duda alguna, la obra más famosa de..
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The Gates of Light
A true encyclopedia of the sacred names and the wisdom of the Sefirot, The Gates of Light (Shaarei Orah) is a basic book for entering into the study of the Torah using the techniques of the Kabbalists. At the beginning of his book, Yosef Gikatilla explains that the entire Torah is woven by the name ..
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Zohar: The Book of Splendor
Written in thirteenth century, the Sefer ha-Zohar or Book of Splendor is the fundamental text of Kabbalah. It has fascinated all former Kabbalists who have placed it at the same level as the Torah or the Talmud. Endless source of original teachings, it’s the treasure of Jewish esoteric tradition. Th..
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The Book of the Wisdom of the Soul
Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto was a great Kabbalist who was also gifted with a talent to explain the most profound issues with amazing legibility and simplicity. In Daat Tevunot, one of his classic texts, he addresses topics such as the meaning of Creation, the end of the world, the mission of man in h..
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