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Cuaderno antiestrés

Cuaderno antiestrés
Cuaderno antiestrés
Emotion Efficacy Therapy
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The definitive guide to manage stress, relax and regain control of your life. Stress is part of our life and, in the right amounts, it has beneficial effects. For this reason, it is important to learn to manage it to prevent it from leading to feelings of anguish and anxiety. This is not an easy task in a world like ours, constantly on the move and full of stimuli. Anti-stress notebook, the reference manual for psychologists, therapists and patients, is a comprehensive guide to help you regain balance and calm. Its authors, experts in psychology and personal development, present numerous practical and simple exercises based on the latest research with which you will learn to: - Relieve worry and anxiety. - Recognize the tension that your body accumulates and release it. - Overcome fear and anguish. - Know you and accept you. - Increase your confidence and motivation. - Organize your time and set priorities. - Listen and communicate with assertiveness. Reconnect with your body and welcome wellness!

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