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The Power of Chowa

The Power of Chowa
The Power of Chowa
The Power of Chowa
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  • EAN: 9788416788415
  • Author: Akemi Tanaka
The Japanese philosophy that will change your life. The Japanese know that it is important to seek chōwa, harmony or balance, in the little things in life. In a hectic world where stress and worries take us away from our inner peace, this is one of the secrets to a happy, complete and long life. In this inspiring book, the Japanese writer and coach Akemi Tanaka will guide you through the keys to the ancient wisdom of Chōwa and teach you how to put it into practice personally, at work and in everyday life so that you learn to live in the present and give your life full meaning. Reach harmony and be happy with the ancient secrets of Japan.
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Bisac Code OCC000000
Collection Mente, cuerpo y espíritu
Format Hardcover
Imprint Kitsune Books
Pages 336

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