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Bajo el cielo nocturno

Bajo el cielo nocturno
Bajo el cielo nocturno
Beneath the Night
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  • EAN: 9788418223518
  • Author: Stuart Clark
Sun Yat-sen's shadow is a Chinese box. A story within another story, within a new and different one... In its pages we will discover the life of Sun Yixian or Sun Yat-sen (1866-1925), the man who transformed the Chinese empire into a republic. He was the son of two peasants who emigrated to Hawaii, a place where he was imbued with rationalism and where he embraced faith in scientific progress, graduated in medicine, and converted to Christianity. Sun Yat-sen ended up in exile in Hong Kong, Japan, Indochina and the United States, without giving up on the attempts to instigate insurrection in his native China. Dr. Yat-sen would found Tung Meng Hui -which established itself as the largest Chinese revolutionary party -, as well as the Min Pao newspaper, of great influence among intellectuals. He also designed the fundamental lines of its revolutionary program, which would become The Three Principles of the Nation. In his conception of the world, the material needs of the people played a decisive role and, therefore, he gave priority to the political and economic transformation of the archaic Chinese social structures. A novel that traces the eventful and fruitful existence of the man who devoted his life to turning China into a modern state in which its inhabitants would enjoy prosperity and well-being. A learning story of the customs of a millenary nation, which the reader will eagerly follow through the story of one of his best friends: the American Oliver Laurent.
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Bisac Code SCI080000
Collection Koan
Format Paperback
Imprint Koan
Pages 304

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