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Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441433892
Coloring Mandalas 2
Coloring the circular designs known as mandalas is a creative activity that brings relaxation, healing, and self-understanding. / Colorear los diseños circulares conocidos como mandalas es una actividad creativa que nos aporta relajación, y autoconocimiento. En el primer volumen de esta colección S..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491112044
Mindful Eating
Mindful eating, with its roots in Buddhist teachings, aims to reconnect us more deeply with the experience of eating and enjoying ur food. Mindful eating is an ancient mindfulness practice that involves eating with the attention necessary for noticing and enjoying your food and its effects on your b..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788477204367
How to Interpret Dreams
Are dreams a waste of time? Do you have any special meaning? Governed by its own laws, the world of dreams is a mysterious universe in which some daring venture. This book will teach you how to penetrate it. Learning to cope with the message of dreams and following their suggestions properly obtain ..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478089406
How to Meditate
When we look for a meditation teacher, we want someone who has an intimate knowledge of the path. That's why so many have turned to Pema Chodron, whose gentle yet straightforward guidance has been a lifesaver for meditators. This book explores in-depth what the author considers the essentials for an..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788497776929
Living an Enriched Life
Too many people live dull, drab existences. We spend one-third of our lives asleep, at least one third working in our careers or taking care of our families and, if we are lucky, the balance in recreational, cultural or religious pursuits or just in lolling around. Dale Carnegie discuss some of the ..
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Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416720996
Radical Compassion
In this heartfelt and deeply practical book, Tara Brach offers an antidote: an easy-to-learn four-step meditation that quickly loosens the grip of difficult emotions and limiting beliefs. Each step in the meditation practice (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) is brought to life by memorable st..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491114352
Understanding the Trees
The trees in our garden or in the forests seem to be quiet, but this is not exactly true. Oaks, apple trees..., they do not communicate only among themselves, but they also speak to us. Best-selling author Peter Wohlleben teaches us to understand their language. / Los árboles parecen estar callados..
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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491113386
Crystal Awareness
You can learn the secrets of crystals and how to use them for meditation, healing, and personal energy by reading Catherine Bowman’s Conciencia Cristalina. The book includes everything you need to know about crystals. That’s why more than 150,000 people already have it! / Ahora puede aprender los s..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788478088041
Power Up Your Brain
The quest for enlightenment has occupied mankind for millennia. We’ve seen monks meditating, nuns praying, shamans communing with the universe. It seems that this elusive state is reserved for a chosen few. But now David Perlmutter and Alberto Villoldo explore the commonalities of their specialties ..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788418531262
Trust. Anything is possible
Suzanne Powell shares in this book an endless number of adventures and anecdotes lived at different times and places along his path. A collection of stories, many of them hilarious or incredible, you'll want to read over and over again. These experiences, closely narrated and full of humor and ingen..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788417399849
Know Yourself
In this book you will find a reliable path towards self-realization. The process of knowing yourself as the divine being that you are will endow your life with full meaning, because it constitutes the very meaning of your life. / El camino del autoconocimiento y la «transformación en Dios» cuenta c..
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Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788416579938
Is it normal to you that you can’t control your mind? Do you believe that life is effort and sacrifice, and that happiness is a privilege that is only available to a few? It is all a matter of becoming aware, of expanding your consciousness and awakening. Changing your beliefs will change your life...
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