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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788418273582
What feminism can we create that does not become another instrument of domination? By holding that there is no single or arché cause that explains why women are oppressed, Chiara Bottici proposes a radical anarchafeminist philosophy inspired by two hypotheses central: that the oppression of women ra..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788494442469
Adolescents forget their childhood toys to deal with a new partner: their sexualized body, which makes them feel strange and uneasy. It is there where the temptation of bullying appears as a false way out: manipulating the body of the other under different forms (denigration, aggression, exclusion, ..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788418273643
Hunters, Herders, Critics
William of Yorkshire is a Knight Templar with an extraordinary capacity for deduction. Jacques de Autier has been educated within the Cathar creed and, through his gaze, the reader will witness the fall of Montsegur and will have access to the secrets that were hidden in the impregnable Occitan fort..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788418273094
The Chernobyl Herbarium
We entrust readers with thirty fragments of reflections, meditations, recollections, and images - one for each year that has passed since the explosion that rocked and destroyed a part of the Chernobyl nuclear power station in April 1986. The aesthetic visions, thoughts, and experiences that have ma..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788416737482
How to Get a Good Night Sleep
Sleeping well is not only related to the number of hours we rest but also to the quality of the sleep we get. Nowadays it is very common for us to get used to sleeping badly, a situation that is not at all advisable. The unfavorable consequences of poor sleep include alterations in mood, deteriorati..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788418273391
Confessions of a Pill
Show me your first aid kit and I will show you who you are! Some rely on synthetic products, others are devoted to natural principles, there are the fanatics of homeopathy and those who say they take nothing. Who does not have at home some kind of «first-aid kit of medicines and remedies», however r..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788416737604
Stop Smoking
Smoking is one of the great epidemics of our time. It affects not only those who use tobacco but also those who share an environment with a smoker. Fortunately, there is a growing awareness of the negative health effects of smoking, which has led to an increased interest in smoking cessation treatme..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788416737727
From Parent to Ipad
One part of the role played by the family, and the hierarchy that sustained it, has been displaced to social networks, whose devices are more horizontal and permanently connected. They are not an inconsiderable support for hypermodern subjects, orphaned of references, but at the same time they show ..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788493683221
The Organic Garden
With this book you can start to grow in a simple and natural way becoming a small farmer. Following the basic criteria of organic farming you will get fresh food, you will enjoy a pleasant space with vegetables, fruits and garden plants. You will learn how to plan your garden, adapt the space, prepa..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788418273407
The Organic Garden
Grow your own vegetables and nurture your integral health and well-being through your organic garden. Learn how to plan and organize the space, prepare the soil and take care of the plants using 100% natural methods...
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788418273193
The Post-COVID World
No one doubts that this pandemic has led to radical changes in our lives, and some have come to stay. Among them the relevance (already anticipated) that the (virtual) image has taken in all areas of our lives: work, leisure, sexuality, education and health. We are moving towards a "new normal" that..
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Brand: Ned EAN: 9788416737857
The King
This is the shocking chronicle of three journeys to understanding the ways of life of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation. This book is the fruit of multiple conversations over fifteen years. A journey through an arduous process of legalization, cultural projects in search of recognition, the e..
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