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  • Author: Chiara Bottici
What feminism can we create that does not become another instrument of domination? By holding that there is no single or arché cause that explains why women are oppressed, Chiara Bottici proposes a radical anarchafeminist philosophy inspired by two hypotheses central: that the oppression of women raises something specific and that, to fight against it, it is necessary to unravel all other forms of oppression and even anthropocentrism, its ideological habitat. Anarchism needs feminism to stand up to subordination continuation of all women, but feminism needs anarchism if it does not want to become in a minority privilege. Anarchafeminism calls for a stand decolonial and desimperial to achieve a renewed awareness of somatic communism that connects all life forms on our planet. From this revolutionary new perspective, feminism does not mean liberating the luckiest women, but liberating all living beings both from capitalist exploitation and from the politics of androcentric domination. Either we are all free, or no one will be.
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Collection Huellas y señales
Format Paperback
Pages 448

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