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Brand: OB Stare EAN: 9788412310696
The Violet Book, Beyond Pink and Blue
They say that the Indians already recognized up to five genders among the members of their tribe. They did not impose gender roles on their babies, whose clothes were carefully neutral. And each person had the freedom to grow and love his way, without judgment around him. This book represents a simp..
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Brand: OB Stare EAN: 9788494982750
Much More Than Giving Birth at Home
In this book you will find, without censorship, the voices of forty-five mothers who relate experiences, emotions, illusions, desires, fears, doubts, uncertainties and, above all, the joy for the triumph of making a purpose come true: the birth of their babies at home!..
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Brand: OB Stare EAN: 9788412310665
The Golden Book of Boys
What does masculinity or being a boy mean in this society? If you are a boy, or ever were, The Golden Book of Boys contains words and images that will help you remember how powerful you are, but powerful in a different way than you may have been told until now…. It is a book against the tide. A stra..
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Brand: OB Stare EAN: 9788493331467
The Red Book of Girls
The greatest treasure of feminine nature is that it gives you the chance to appreciate that everything changes (inside and outside of you), and there is no problem about that. This book was born to accompany and empower girls on their journey to maturity, but it is also a book for mothers, and for a..
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