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Brand: Obelisco EAN: 9788491112730
Reset Your Child's Brain
Dr. Dunckley has seen that everyday use of interactive displays can easily overstimulate a child’s nervous system, triggering persistent symptoms. She has discovered that a strict electronic “fast” improves mood, concentration, and behavior, and provides the reader with a four-week plan for their ch..
Brand: Sirio EAN: 9788418531491
Discovering the Inner Mother
Sure to become a classic on female empowerment, a groundbreaking exploration of the personal, cultural, and global implications of intergenerational trauma created by patriarchy, how it is passed down from mothers to daughters, and how we can break this destructive cycle. Why do women keep themselv..
Brand: Diamante EAN: 9789687277493
Invincible: Blood of a Champion
The book tells the most common problems that occur in families where children are the most affected. It gives parents and children the five principles to succeed in life. Among all these situations we appreciate the story of a man who travels to another country where he must learn a new culture and ..
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788416972494
Be a Good Parent Easily
Are you going to be a father? Do you have a thousand questions? Will I be able to do it? What should be put in place concretely? How much will it cost? Don’t panic! The role of dad can lead you to a full and satisfying life, providing happiness to all members of your family. This book is your guide...
Brand: Diamante EAN: 9786077627906
Sheccid. When Love Hurts
Sheccid has suffered a serious accident. She is alone, cut off from the world and her family. It has the signs of a suicide attempt, but she does not remember anything. / Sheccid ha sufrido un grave accidente. Está sola, aislada del mundo y de su familia. Tiene marcas de intento de suicidio, pero n..
Brand: Diamante EAN: 9786077627685
If You Want to Marry my Daughter
A man addresses his daughter's boyfriend to speak clearly about crucial issues of the couple: money, sex, discussions, daily dealings, children, quality of life... The letter is strong, emotional, inspiring. It breaks all myths about what a father-in-law should say. Essential for young people in lov..
Brand: Edaf EAN: 9788441420168
How Smart Is Your Baby?
The first months after birth are vital to the long-term well-being of a child. Yet parents do not have the information they need to make their baby’s life as stimulating as it should be. How Smart Is Your Baby? provides parents with all the information required to help their baby achieve full potent..
Brand: Herder EAN: 9788425447334
Surviving Parenting
How can we help our children solve their problems? How to offer a safe but not intrusive parental presence? What can we do when we have already tried everything? This book is intended to help parents who are having difficulty raising their children. Karin Schlanger, who is endorsed by almost forty y..
Brand: Herder EAN: 9788425446788
Your Child, a Self-Determined Child
There are children who insist on their right to self-determination. They are children with dependency aspirations that go far beyond the usual, and demand the right to make their own decisions. They are the so-called autonomous or self-determined children. The parents of these children often doubt t..
Brand: Herder EAN: 9788425422690
Your Competent Child
The author argues that the concept of "family" is undergoing an exciting transformation. The traditional hierarchical family structure is being replaced by a new structure, which advocates reciprocity between parent and child, and believes children are born competent to express their feelings and ea..
Brand: Gedisa EAN: 9788417690403
How to recognize a «supermind»? How does the new paradigm of «multiple intelligences» fit in? Do professionals and educational centers have enough tools to identify and intervene appropriately? More importantly, where does this leave children and families? Nowadays, it is necessary to openly address..
Brand: Urano EAN: 9788479539870
Girl Time
Sometimes it’s hard to talk with your mom about what tween girls these days have to deal with, like stress, frustration, feeling in control, and being bored. Girl Time is full of fun activities that you can do with your mom that will also show you great ways to calm down, chill out and express yours..
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