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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216244
A Man Named Doll
Happy Doll is a charming, if occasionally inexpert, private detective living just one sheer cliff drop beneath the Hollywood sign with his beloved half-Chihuahua half-Terrier, George. A veteran of both the Navy and LAPD, Doll supplements his meager income as a P.I. by working through the night at a ..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216411
The Retreat
Will you brave The Retreat ? The new bestselling thriller from the author of The Sanatorium. They couldn't wait to stay here. An idyllic wellness retreat has opened on an island off the coast of Devon, promising rest and relaxation - but the island itself, known locally as Reaper's Rock, has a dark ..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216107
The Missing Ones (Detective Lottie Parker, 1)
Investigating two different murders with one thing in common - the same rough tattoo on both victims legs - DI Lottie Parkers leads converge on a former childrens home and unsolved murders from decades ago. This is the first of the bestselling Lottie Parker series...
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216541
The Bay
Point Break meets And Then There Were None in a pulse-pounding beach read that explores the dangerous ties between a group of elite surfers who are determined to find the perfect waves at any cost…even murder.The waves are to die for. Three years ago, passionate surfer Kenna Ward lost her two great ..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216374
Mother of Invention: How Good Ideas Get Ignored in
An illuminating and maddening examination of how gender bias has skewed innovation, technology, and historyIt all starts with a rolling suitcase. Though the wheel was invented some five thousand years ago, and the suitcase in the nineteenth century, it wasn’t until the 1970s that someone successfull..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788417333812
Final Betrayal
When Amy Whyte and Penny Brogan leave a local nightclub in the early hours of Sunday morning and don’t arrive home, their families are beside themselves with worry. Conor Dowling has just been released from prison, a man full of hatred for Amy, the girl who put him behind bars in the first place. Th..
$23.36 $25.95
Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216367
Silent Voices
She lay so still, blue eyes shining, blonde hair fanned out, her mouth stuck forever open in a soundless scream…When Rachel Mullen is found dead by her only sister Beth, her body twisted in an arc of pain, Detective Lottie Parker knows that she has been murdered the minute she enters the bedroom. Lo..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788417333713
Mom and the Sea
My mother is a haenyeo, a woman of the sea. Every day, she goes into the water and holds her breath to fish. She just takes what the sea allows you and cares for him like a flower garden, so that when I'm older, she can also swim in the waves and become a woman of the sea...
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788417333843
Peaky Blinders
The Peaky Blinders as we know them, thanks to the hit TV series, are infused with drama and dread. Fashionably dressed, the charismatic but deeply flawed Shelby family blind enemies by slashing them with the disposable safety razor blades stitched in to the peaks of their flat caps, as they fight bl..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216275
Paper Girls
THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLERThe one case he couldn't crack was the one that finally broke him.Haunted by his inability to track down and save his missing wife, DCI Robert Kett leaves the Metropolitan Police behind and moves to Norwich with his three young children, hoping to heal their broken family. B..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216114
The Corner
The crime-infested intersection of West Fayette and Monroe Streets is well-known--and cautiously avoided--by most of Baltimore. But this notorious corner's 24-hour open-air drug market provides the economic fuel for a dying neighborhood. David Simon, an award-winning author and crime reporter, and E..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788417333256
I will go to School for you
Do you also find it difficult to get up in the morning to go to school? Would you like to go to a magic class or learn to talk with plants? And travel to fantastic worlds through a magical tree? Do you know what a monster book is? Discover with Martina and Anitram how much fun going to school can be..
$16.16 $17.95
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