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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216688
That Piece doesn't Fit
A conversation about creativity and talent with the leader of Love of Lesbian. Thousands of people have sung Love of Lesbian songs in Spain and Latin America, but how did those songs come about? On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the formation of the band, Santi Balmes narrates in this conversation..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216169
The Sanatorium
You won't want to leave ... until you can't. Elin Warner receives an invitation from her brother Isaac, with whom she has not spoken to in years, to attend an engagement celebration at an isolated hotel in the Swiss Alps. In the midst of a storm, the hotel, once a sanitarium with a terrible past, is..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216596
Darkness Falls
An Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling series.Kate Marshall’s investigation into a journalist’s disappearance sends her down an unexpectedly twisted path in a riveting thriller by the author of Shadow Sands.Kate Marshall’s fledgling PI agency takes off when she and her partner, Tristan..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216664
Surviving to Drive: A Year Inside Formula 1
"People talk about football managers being under pressure. Trust me, that's nothing. Pressure is watching one of your drivers hit a barrier at 190mph and exploding before your eyes..." Guenther Steiner is one of motor racing's biggest and most celebrated characters, known to millions for his show-s..
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Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216794
The Vicar's Ghost
Paris is the city of light.... and of shadows In March 1831, Louis-Philippe, the new sovereign of France, is torn between a liberal policy and an iron fist. There are changes at the top of the State that call into question the continuity of the Brigade des Mysteries Occultes, dedicated to the inves..
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View Amor fantasma
Brand: Principal de los libros EAN: 9788418216572
Ghost Lover
Behind anonymous screens, an army of cool and beautiful girls manage the dating service Ghost Lover, a forwarding system for text messages that promises to spare you the anguish of trying to stay composed while communicating with your crush. At a star-studded political fundraiser in a Los Angeles ma..
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