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Cuando un niño se da "muerte"

Cuando un niño se da "muerte"
Cuando un niño se da "muerte"
When a Child is Given Death
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  • EAN: 9788497847919
  • Author: Boris Cyrulnik
How to understand the suicide of a child? This shocking and neglected phenomenon constitutes the core of reflection of Dr. Boris Cyrulnik's new work.
The author reminds us that the meaning of death among children changes with age and is never the same as it is in adulthood. Cyrulnik does not postulate a single motivation to explain this painful problem, but applies an approach in which he integrates various factors, such as transformations in civilization, with migratory flows and their uprooting consequences for the youngest; or social changes that weaken the bonds of attachment and impoverish the affective niche of the minor.
There are, therefore, very relevant individual and family aspects to be taken into account, but without forgetting that this is to a large extent a social problem of complex analysis and resolution, in which society still has much to work on.
In various countries it has been possible to verify the effectiveness of a series of prevention policies, such as the promotion of emotional stability, or the promotion of socialization structures and integration policies, as opposed to mere assimilation. This indispensable book is an appeal and an invitation, with concrete proposals to politicians, families, schools and all specialists in childhood.
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