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El niño feliz

El niño feliz
El niño feliz
Your Child's Self Esteem
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  • EAN: 9788474320015
  • Author: Dorothy Corkille-Briggs
The key to happiness, to the possible solution of daily conflicts, is self-esteem, a concept that refers not to pure conceit, but to the way in which each individual sees him or herself and the feelings he or she has about it. In the conformation of a model of solid self-esteem, the action of parents, the family environment they build around them and the relationship that unites them, all play a role. The book is not exhausted in the enumeration of the necessary conditions for the happiness of a child, but it tries to offer parents practical orientations, indications and, through the analysis of the different factors that intervene in family relationships, suggestions for a better and more valuable education within the family. It is a work that teaches how to prepare children for health and happiness, to arm them psychologically so that throughout their existence they can make the best of themselves and be satisfied for it. The author, who has worked as an educator, school psychologist and marriage and family counselor, is also a conscientious advocate of the parental role in the formation of healthy behavior. On the other hand, she performs her role as a mother with a true vocation. The happy child is the result of this dual experience as a professional and a mother committed to integrating both approaches.
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