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Brand: Roca EAN: 9788499189543
Sapphire Skies
2000: The wreckage of a downed WWII fighter plane is discovered near Russia's Ukrainian border. The aircraft belonged to Natalya Azarova, ace pilot and pin-up girl for Soviet propaganda. Her fate is unknown. Was she a German spy who faked her own death, as the Kremlin claims? Her lover, Valentin Orl..
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Brand: Roca EAN: 9788416306558
Baking Bad
What to do when the greatest TV show ever has come to an end and you no longer have meth-related drama to get you through the long winter nights? You create a cookbook full of references to the story of our favorite chemistry teacher. Baking Bad is full of delicious recipes created in homage to the ..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788416700523
Yellow Brick War
My name is Amy Gumm. I landed in Oz, where Good is Wicked, Wicked is Good, and the Wicked Witches taught me my true calling: Assassin. The way to stop Dorothy from destroying Oz—and Kansas—is to kill her. Now it’s up to me to: join the Witches, fight for Oz, save Kansas, and stop Dorothy once and fo..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494418334
Barça Unpublished
A portrait of multiple levels that will surprise even those who think they know all about the Barcelona Soccer Club. Barça, through over 116 years and a story drawn from records and internal documents unknown to the general public, seasoned with moments and memories of people who have helped build t..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494506437
Barça Unusual
After the recent success of Barça Unpublished, arrives Barça Unusual. From unforgettable games to characters who don’t deserve to be forgotten for their decisive contribution, from presidents and managers to soccer players with a special biography, this book tells all. / Tras el reciente éxito de B..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494785214
So Pretty / Very Rotten
In a series of essays and comics that are at once academic and intimate, cartoonists Jane Mai and An Nguyen delve into Lolita subculture and their relationship with it. Empowering and beautiful, yet inescapably linked to consumerism, the Rococo-inspired fashion is indulgent and sublime, pretty and r..
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Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494506451
Love at First Sight
After almost 38 years of having debuted in Spain in soccer with the F.C. Barcelona, Bernd Schuster tells us about his life and his passion for soccer. That love at first sight arose even before starting to play soccer in his native Germany. / Después de casi 38 años de haber debutado en el fútbol e..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788494616693
The White Bible
A chronicle of the birth, death, and resurrection of Real Madrid and a photograph of the mental landscape of his followers. Real Madrid has 166 million followers on social networks, and Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed person in the world after Taylor Swift. An explanation of their origins. / ..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788418014901
Billie Eilish. The Essential Fan Guide
Through lively text and brilliant pictures, Billie Eilish: The Essential Fan Guide follows the rise and rise of Billie from bedroom singer to festival headliner with the No. 1 album in the world, detailing her songwriting process, her life in the spotlight, and how she developed her unique sense of ..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788418014932
Billie Eilish, The Unofficial Biography: From E-Gi
With number one albums in multiple countries and five Grammys, Billie Eilish is a pop sensation. Billie was a promising young dancer until musical success came overnight in 2015. A song she uploaded to SoundCloud received a thousand plays in twenty-four hours. Find out what makes Billie Eilish extra..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788499184357
This is a new novel from Kristin Cashore. Set in the same world as her previous two novels, BITTERBLUE picks up the story of the Seven Kingdoms six years after the events of GRACELING. / Ocho años después de que la conociéramos en Graceling, nos reencontramos con Gravilla, ahora convertida en la re..
Brand: Roca EAN: 9788417968014
Blackpink: K-Pop's No.1 Girl Group
A comprehensive guide to the K-pop girl group who are taking the music world by storm. The sassiest, most stylish girls around - BLACKPINK! 'Blackpink in Your Area!' The K-pop girl group are taking their catchphrase literally; they have just finished a sold-out stadium world tour. / Primera biograf..
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